Ana de Armas: the change of the smile of the new Bond girl


Many things have changed in the life of Ana de Armas. The young cuban who knew Spain with 16 years to make his first roles in the cinema has become a familiar face in Hollywood. Thanks to his role in the revival of Blade Runner and its impending participation in the universe of James Bond it will appear on all posters. What has changed Ana de Armas with its passage to the united States? In regard to your smileyes.

“With the photos of when it started, the change is very evident. There was a lot of crowding, the teeth very fitted, very dark… towards the inside. With a photo of the before and the after insurance is very obvious to a professional that has done a treatment, but for anyone,” explains the orthodontist Patricia Bratos. Not it would have been easy for the artist of grandparents Spanish do that this improvement passed unnoticed, since his debut with 16 years ‘A rose of France‘(2006) has spent his entire life in front of the cameras. It was teen star with the series ‘The internship‘grew up with ‘For a handful of kisses‘and now that it is treintañera toggles all types of productions in the united States thanks to their efforts during your stay in Los Angeles.

How many changes there were in the teeth of Ana de Armas? According to Patricia Bratos, have been three definite. “It is normal that he would have had a orthodonticsthat is the raid on the teeth; the placement of the bite and positioning, because it had many twists and turns and a lot of crowding. Then, it is likely that is made whitening to clarify the base color. And, in third place,leads veneers. It looks by the shape of the tooth, which are a few sheets of finite that are placed to return the form and improve the aesthetics of the tooth. It has made several combined treatments, security”, illustrates the specialist. The whitening was made necessary because when placed veneers they would have seen these dark areas of the teeth caused by crowding.

A year for the new smile

The change of the smile should occur in the passage of Spain to the united States. For when he made his debut in America with Keanu Reeves in ‘knock-Knock’ (2015) already had a modification perceptible in his mouth. “While he was posing in front of cameras, we were able to appreciate how your teeth were already completely aligned,” recalls the doctor. “Orthodontics is a process that takes time, has a linkage and is the metabolism in the cells. Short-term treatment is a minimum one-year to move the teeth“says Bratos.

For the rest of the improvements in the teeth there is possibility of more quickly or be barely noticeable to non-experts. “Tooth whitening can last for a month and veneers in a matter of two weeks can be placed. During the event, Comic-con, 2017, the actress lucy’s teeth bright and pristinethe result of having placed dental veneers,” notes the expert.

It may be that even in some of the filming was still in phase of improvement. “Now to get orthodontic braces are clear aligners, ‘brackets’ that will power behind, treatments very invisible. Is nothing to notice, some actors carry it“reveals the co-founder of clínica dental Ferrus & Bratos.

A change to improve the health

Although the aesthetic factor is important in the career of the actresses, the doctor assures us that it is a process that would have recommended to any person. “Orthodontics is beneficial because it reduces tartar and decay apart from the aesthetic aspect. The whitening is harmless and veneers protect the tooth. It is something that will you are going to generate health apart from the aesthetic impactwhich is very big,” says Bratos.

The crowding would have evolved to cause detrimental effects to the health of the actress. “In the first place, creating a tension jaw that are unnecessary, as it makes the teeth not fit together as they should. Therefore, it is not uncommon to experience usual pains of head or neck. In addition, the fact that the fit of both arches is not appropriate, it causes problems wear. With this, the teeth become less resistant and, therefore, more likely to fracture,” says the specialist.

The case of the darkness in the teeth goes beyond the image that can give you a public figure. “When the position of the a tooth cap part to anotherthe oral hygiene daily is complicated. Therefore, neither the brush nor floss reach the nooks of the mouth which accumulate more traces of bacteria and plaque,” recalls the doctor.

Thanks to the changes in their teeth, Ana de Armas is not the same that prevented to open too much the mouth in ‘The internship’. Now looks at each premiere, presentation, and surely that will draw attention with his incarnation of Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’. For when to be Bond girl as there is no doubt that you have a better smile and better dental health.


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