Ana de Armas, the star surprise of the campaign most expected of The English Court


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It’s spring in The English Court. The big stores are preparing for the reopening of their facility with one of its most symbolic events, and this year they do so with a surprise guest: Ana de Armas. The actress will be the protagonist of the traditional advertising campaign, which this year takes as its motto ‘Defend your spring’, and that seeks to pay homage to the Spanish society after the hard times he has lived.

The goal, according to explain to Invertia sources familiar, it is to send a message of support to the society and, at the same time, one of optimism. The campaign starts this Thursday, may 14.

Shot in Toledo, the campaign has had to adapt to the circumstances current. It was recorded at the beginning of march, so that the declaration of a state of alarm and forced to change all plans. So much so that the launch had to be postponed.

Tribute to the society

Thus, The English Court has adapted the message and has turned his famous spring campaign in a tribute to the Spanish society for the samples that have been given of maturity, exemplarity, responsibility and solidarity during these two months of alarm status and quarantine locked up in their houses or working in essential activities.

It is a message of optimism that metaphorically symbolizes the passage of the hard winter the hope of spring and starred in by surprise Ana de Armas.

The actress Ana de Armas in a presentation of Chanel in Havana.

The actress Ana de Armas in a presentation of Chanel in Havana.


The actress hispanic-cuban he rose to fame for his role in the series of Antena 3 ‘The Internship’. Since then he has participated in several series and films in spain; in addition to filling the covers of magazines and tabloids.

In 2014 he left Spain and moved to Hollywood to pursue an international career, where he has participated in several films. Is nominated the Golden Globes 2020 as best actress comedy for ‘Daggers at the back’. So by surprise he returned to Spain to record with The English Court.

This campaign coincides in time with the ‘Internet Week’, which will take place from 8 to 17 may, and where the web page of the department stores presided over by Marta Álvarez offer exclusive discounts of up to 50% in all product categories.

Phase 2 desescalada

The big stores are preparing for the desescalada with the reopening of the majority of its stores in phase 2, which will many autonomous communities, the 25th may, although not all, since, for example, Madrid and Barcelona are still at the stage 0 and running late with the rest of the regions.

The company has announced its 90,000 employees that available rapid test for the detection of antibodies to the coronavirus to help “determine the state of immunity of the affected workers”. However, these tests shall be carried out in certain cases.

Among the measures and protocols, has also determined the mandatory use of face mask hygienic or surgical for employees own and partner companies. For customers it is not mandatory, but is recommended and will facilitate its use by customers.

The department stores control the amount of people that enter to keep the distance interpersonal of two meters. As well, the deck also take the temperature of clients. To do this it provides the installation of thermal imaging cameras, bows thermography or equivalent device at the access doors. In this way you will avoid crowds and the control shall be carried out quickly.

“This plan will be adapted at each moment to the indications established by the Ministry of Health or other competent authorities, and also to the availability in the market of preventive measures, sanitary and technical,” according to the internal document to which access was Invested.

The company plays with a trick to please to the time to open your business closed by the state of alarm. And is that a good part of learning as what they have done thanks to their 300 centers of power (between supermarkets and hypermarkets) that are open to the public and in which they have been implementing security measures.

In addition to the centers of power, the company has already opened eight stores of the fashion brand Sfera during the phase of desescalada 1, in which the only open establishments of less than 400 square feet.

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