Ana de Armas will be Marylin Monroe


Very recently we saw in an effective thriller: “The informant”. She could not guess how would be her future when she starred in the tape “A rose of France”, 2006, the Spanish Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón with only 16 years. Now, if all goes well, we will be surprised as Marilyn Monroe, a role that you have played effectively with Miranda Richardson and Michelle Williams.

The cubanita Ana de Armas has already 32 years old, and enough experience stepping on the sets, because on his big step to Hollywood she rubbed shoulders with actors like Robert de Niro and Edgar Ramirez in “Hands of stone”, in addition to Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling for “Blade Runner 2049”.

We saw in the series for spain “Hispania”, playing a slave held out against, and all we remember in the overrated series “El internado”, being part of the group of students that revolutionize the campus.

Today can boast of having worked under the orders of our own Fernando Perez in “Madrigal” with a leading role, and for the american Todd Philips as an actress for the support of the “War Dogs”.

Their undeniable beauty, despite the short stature, has graced numerous covers of the magazine.

In 2009 became Carola, starring in “Mentiras Gordas”, tape top-grossing Spanish-speaking, Between their movies named “The Lost Eden”, “Faraday” and “A handful of kisses”.

Did the voice of the character Margo in the award-winning animated “Gru, my favorite villain;” and I have to mention the excellent “Daggers in the back” where he represents a nurse who can not lie.