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Anabel Pantoja is one of the most beloved collaborators of Save me. Isabel’s niece has earned the sympathy of the public in recent years. Proof of this is the large number of followers he adds on his Instagram account. No more and no less than 1.5 million followers.

One of the keys to this engagement is, without a doubt, its naturalness when it comes to using your account. Anabel not only uploads photos and stories where she not only postures, but shares her opinions and tastes. He also interacts live. And not just the ones she records herself!

Anabel, like many people, has her own musical idols. In this way, the face of Telecinco has always shown his passion for Justin Bieber. Come on, she’s just one more believer.

Anabel’s comments to Justin

So, when Justin connects to make his own Instagram live shows, Anabel doesn’t hesitate to connect to see what the Canadian says. Although it has done so on several occasions, it has been this week when it has gone viral on Twitter some comments that Pantoja wrote during his live shows and that bring us a smile.

It has been the user of Twitter @lolamta_ who has rescued four comments that Anabel left during the live performances of the interpreter of baby. And we couldn’t like it anymore. “How little this country values the icon of Anabel,” the tweeter wrote.

In the four screenshots that the user has shared, we see some of the funny answers that Anabel left to Justin during a video meeting with some of his fans.

“Love Justin your music”, “If you call me I only know how to sing her songs” or “Look at her how calm she is, I would be screaming”, they can be read in three of the comments. Another comment refers to his age: “How do I tell you I’m 35.”

The tweet has gone viral and in less than 24 hours adds up to more than 11 thousand likes and 1.5 retweets. Without a doubt, we would love to see a real meeting between the Mediaset collaborator and the Canadian star. And yes, let Anabel sing her songs to him.


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