Analysis of samples from 3 dead sea lions and 2 other symptomatic sea lions in Chubut Province

Positive cases of the bird flu virus were detected on Friday afternoon after two sea lions were found dead in Punta Loyola, Santa Cruz province, and they confirmed the suspicion that five sea lions off the coast of Chubut may have been infected.

The Coastal Animal Network of the Chubut Wildlife and Fauna Authority reported that “three dead sea lions and two symptomatic sea lions” had been spotted off the coast of Piramides Harbor in recent days.

Faced with this situation, SENASA came to take samples last Tuesday, and the results will be announced on August 26 this Saturday.

In light of the recent detection of marine mammal outbreaks, they recommend that people:

  • Avoid the entry and circulation of people and vehicles on the beach or affected spaces.
  • When a stuffed sea lion is present, do not approach it, and avoid direct contact or approaching by pets.

Also, remember:

  • Avoid direct contact with wild birds and observe them only from a distance.
  • Do not touch surfaces that may be contaminated.
  • If an animal is found to be showing signs of stress or to die, avoid direct contact and notify SENASA immediately through its available channels.

Senasa contact information

  • 🤳11-5700-5704
  • * Application “Senasa Notification”
  • “Notifications Senasa” section in
  • Senasa Local Office


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