And are you a vanilla girl, a tomato girl or a hot cheetos girl?

TikTok is the new fashion encyclopedia and it borrows the name from food to define the aesthetic of the moment. In shedding light on the women’s macro-trends, in fact, some appeals emerge that go unnoticed. These include the so-called Vanilla Girls, who turn aesthetics into lifestyle and have recently infected even Kylie Jenner with their looks in the name of quiet luxury. With vanilla-hued outfits, minimalist design houses and soft makeup, Vanilla Girls are inspired by celebrities like Sofia Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow and represent an unattainable model of pristine beauty. Despite this, his hashtag has a billion views on Tiktok.

Seeing summer the hashtag #tomatogirls is on the rise which, as the name suggests, conjures up Mediterranean imagery. For a true coquette the green light for dresses with generous necklines – perhaps by Dolce & Gabbana – and straw bags, while the main ally for makeup is a tan, lipstick in warm colors and to be enhanced with a few drops of highlighter. The hairstyle is also very natural, often decorated with hair bands. The Tomato Girls admire a carefree and confident retro aesthetic inspired by celebrities like Monica Bellucci, PenĂ©lope Cruz and the Kar-Jenners while on vacation in Portofino. And then one last, fundamental detail: Photos of typically Italian dishes, like pasta with sauce or bruschetta, can’t be missing from the feed.

Finally, hot Cheetos girls, drawn between aesthetics and meme culture. They are “villains” with stiletto nails, piercings and marked makeup, and on TikTok they are often depicted as rebellious high schoolers who fix their makeup during lessons and give advice with a lively attitude. With nearly 900 million views, the hashtag #hotcheetogirl highlights a youth trend with pungent taste (just like Hot Cheetos) and portrays the ideal of a girl who rocks gold hoop rings like ’90s stars. Wears it with a logo sweatshirt and sneakers. Inspiration? Kylie Jenner in her “King Kylie” years, Cardi B and Iggy Azalea.

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