And as well, Chloe Grace Moretz is dismissed for ever from his character more beloved


Although many want to see her again in this role, the actress denied completely.

This week Chloe Grace Moretz participated in the closing ceremony of the Film Festival Champs-Elysees 2018 in Paris.

Hence, the ex Brooklyn Beckham looked fabulous in an outfit of black and white, and took his hair loose in waves large.

But in addition to attending important events, film and stroll through the streets of paris with his brother Trevor Moretzthe star of Carrie he also spoke about an old project of his career and the idea to revive it.

Will it be possible to return Kick-Ass for a third installment?

Conversing with IndieWire, Moretz said, “I Love the franchise, I think that the first movie was very, very special. I wish that the second had been handled a little differently. Because I think we were all looking for something different as it turned out”.

And, he continued, “as much as we love the character of Hit-Girl, I think that lives and survives on Kick-Ass and so I want to leave. I want people to keep in mind Kick-Ass. So I don’t think that there will be Kick-Ass 3at least I don’t think that with the participation of Hit-Girl.”