‘And Just Like It’ Named Most Influential TV Show of 2023

That’s how the confirmation of the third season came. And just like thatThis spin-off of Sex and the City. The announcement was made in conjunction with the finale of the second chapter, which has gone viral since cameos by Kim CattrallThe 67-year-old actress is best known for her iconic character Samantha Jones.

This very short and long-awaited moment bodes well for fans of the series who hope to see the actress again in the third season of And Just Like That.

A difficult hypothesis, but not impossible. To date, the producer of the series is Kim Cattrall (beauty in the new issue of Vogue Greece, dedicated to golden women) they don’t rule out engagement for a series that, despite reviews, especially Italian, remains boring one of HBO Max’s flagship products (streaming service that distributes the series).

The title is confirmed as one of the most influential in the television scene.

Kim Cattrall Photo: Janet Mayer / SplashNews.com (New York – June 14, 2023, Janet Mayer / SplashNews.com / ipa-agency.net)

What 5 things made “Just Like That” the most trending show of the year?


an increasingly close and thoughtful connection with fashion: The series opens with Carrie and her friends. met Gala. profile 300 thousand people follow the clothes of the series, a third of the subscribers of the official profile. The world’s top fashion websites highlighted the accessory chosen by And Just Like That’s stylist for the return of Samantha Jones.

actress showing off fendi Firstthe first bag designed by the new creative director Kim Jones (who started at Fendi after working with Dior, Nike and Supreme).

Bay Street Theater Annual Gala 2023: Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo: Iris Zimmerman/INSTARimages (Sag Harbor – July 8, 2023, / ipa-agency.net)


Opportunity to become topic of discussion. Another influential peoplein summer, they interacted with their communities about the growth of the show’s characters and, in particular, how they behave in their personal lives.

The ending, which we do not write in order not to spoil the surprise, corresponds to the topics that are often read in social spaces devoted to feelings.

When do We exclude the Self? How can I be myself in a relationship?


There three-dimensionality belonging characters. Sara Raminez plays What Diaznon-binary standupper which divided the audience, accustomed in recent years to the consecration of non-heterosexual characters. This Diaz, before he became non-binary, was human and behaved accordingly. Sometimes not very well.

There transition or evolution (depending on the reader’s point of view) is also the punctuation of the whole series and in particular the last series.

In a socio-historical moment, pronounced by an expert (most of the time unqualified), “And just like that” sets the trend telling for the first timein particular overs, which are subject to one of the most terrible taboos.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis arrive at a private party on June 8 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sex and the City in midtown Manhattan. June 8, 2023 Photo: Jose Pérez/INSTARimages (New York – June 8, 2023, Jose Pérez/INSTARimages.com/ipa-agency.net)

series after series

There communication with show business, filmed mainly on comedies from the period of the 90s and the beginning of the new millennium. In one of the episodes of the second season, Sam Smith with his current boyfriend Jeffrey C Williams.

Where does the show end and reality begin? “And just like that”, except for the incredible charm, is not an independent time. There the series always maintains a connection with modernity as evidenced by the work of Miranda Hobbs, who dedicated herself to saving a group of migrants.

When was the last time a social media influencer seemed connected to you and part of the time you spend?

Break the taboo

elimination of cultural taboos but also belongs to the affective sphere. What happens (not to Carrie) if you meet great love at the door?

There was a moment, not too late when social networks are an alternative to traditional media.

Those who want to escape from a certain ugliness found shelter in social networks, which gradually removed beauty from the network. Without social media, the holy battle against bodyshaming would not have begun.

Then, gradually, social networks began to depend on traditional media. Here you are. The real bet won by And Just Like That is to demonstrate that For a story to be effective, it must be original..

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