“And Just Like That” marks the first time a character we’ve heard a lot about has been introduced.

The second season of the series is broadcast on Sky and every Friday on NOW with a new episode.

Ninth and penultimate episode of season 2. And just like that… introduced into the universe Sex and the City a character that fans have heard about several times, but has never been shown in 25 years of history. We are talking about KatieAidan’s ex-wife, unexpectedly played Rosemary DeWittactress known on television for her background in Little fires everywhere, United States of Tara AND Mad Men. The character comes in the midst of Carrie’s recent rapprochement with Aidan, one of the two most important men in her life.

And just like that: what do we know about Katie?

The mysterious woman was described to us as interior designer Aidan Shaw. John Corbett he met and then married during the events Sex and Quotey. Katie is the woman with whom Aidan started a family after his fruitless meetings with Carrie (they first broke up due to her betrayal and when she always took a step back from the marriage afterwards). From their love, Tate was born first, as we learned in the sixth season of the series. SATC. Instead, the second film showed that although Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker decided to spend the rest of her life with Mr. Big, Aidan and Katie added two more children to their family, Homer and Wyatt.

But Mr. Big died, Aidan got divorced, and in the second season And just like that…, thanks to an email, he and Carrie are back together. Carrie told her friends that Aidan now lives in Norfolk, Virginia, with his children and several chickens, and that she would like to go see what his life is like there. But here’s what happened – if you haven’t seen episode nine yet, beware of spoilers! – Katie sent Carrie to talk one-on-one about the state of affairs. She first urged her to never write about her children in any capacity, and then reminded her that she could not emotionally hurt Aidan again, confirming that she knew everything about their history.

What we don’t know, at least not yet, is why Aidan and Katie broke up; apparently this is still a sore subject for Katie. The woman is clearly stunned by the news that Carrie is moving into a larger apartment to accommodate Aidan’s children if they decide to come to town for a visit. In all likelihood, we’ll learn more before the season finale, once again realizing just how And just like that… does not miss the opportunity to tell how a woman’s life can turn out after fifty.

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