And the enigmatic short for “The 3r’s” are available to watch for free


Photo: a YouTube video of David Lynch Theater

David Lynch he was sharing all sorts of videos via his channel on YouTube for this season to stand to the multi-COVID-19. The director of the 74-year-old not only responded to the questions of his followers, but it also increased the ” Black Live Matter, and it was published in episodes in the Rabbitstheir tiffany series, which he develops many of the dialogues are creatures.

Now, the creator of the Twin Peaks you just go up to a short film of his own, which dates back to 2011, and was originally designed as a trailer for the Film Festival in Vienna that same year. Despite the fact that this movie was a so-called The 3r’s it’s only a little more than a minute, it’s an entirely lyncheana they don’t go easy on the movement and detail to the dream full of mystery.

In his brief scenes that earn the role of a man who holds the rock, a lot of women who write on the board, a score of the insects, all the bells and of a man who strikes the ground with a sledgehammer until, finally, the start of the chaos. You can watch the mysterious clip at the end of this note.

Photo: MUBI.

A few weeks ago, However, it also took her quirky and absurd predictions of the climate, and it has recommended to its fans, the appeal to transcendental meditation to maintain a creative and calm during these times so difficult.

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