Andrea Bocelli competes with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

The singer ended up at the center of a feud between the sisters. It even went so far as to intervene on Instagram itself

ToAndrea Bocelli has been made…. The subject of controversy among American celebrities.Duration He became the protagonist of an episode of the series against his will keeping up with the Kardashians, And he had to intervene through a social post to pacify both the claimants sisters kim and kourtney kardashian

The controversy over Andrea Bocelli by the Kardashian sisters

The “disagreement” between the two started with a sentence in which Kim Kardashian, 42, accused her older sister, 44, of wanting to copy her in every way. ,i got married in italy – said the American entrepreneur – And I must say you copied me too by getting married in Italy,

but that’s not all: “Who performed at my wedding? Andrea Bocelli», Kim Kardashian continued commenting: «Who performed at Kourtney’s wedding? Andrea Bocelli. You stole the country of my wedding and the artist of the reception. And then he clarified that “Andrea Bocelli is my favorite male singer of all time”.

he sang at their wedding

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Indeed, the Italian tenor performed both in Florence in 2014. Wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, singing i will go with you, both sisters Courteney, who married Travis Barker last year in Portofino. And in this case also the voice of reason was Bocelli, accompanied by his son Matteo.

tenant’s social response

After a heated argument between the sisters, the singer decided to intervene on social media to calm the matter. And in a post on his Instagram Stories, he said,I’m glad you both like my voice, and I’ll always be happy to sing for you.”,

But to settle the question he also proposed another solution: «Know that there is a young and very available artist, Matteo Bocelli, Your mother Kris Jenner knows this very well. See you soon in Tuscany!»

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