Andrea Bocelli Foundation at the Giffoni Film Festival for the first time

An iconic setting in which cinematography becomes a fertile ground for other arts such as theater and music

Andrea Bocelli Foundation on the first time Giffoni Film Festival ABF, together with MUS.E and under the patronage of Custody of the Holy Land, will be present at the Festival with screenings, workshops and workshops dedicated to children and adolescents.

Andrea Bocelli Foundation at the Giffoni Film Festival for the first time

A first experience for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation at the Giffoni Film Festival, a film event that welcomes more than 6,500 young people from 30 countries every year. from 20 to 29 July ABF will be present with its stand in the Giffoni Village alongside important Italian and international companies.

abf in pills

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF) was founded in 2011 by the Bocelli family, inspired by the affection and positivity of fans and partners around the world. Since then ABF has grown and become an independent non-profit organization led by professionals dealing with the strategic development of ideas.

The Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunities for empowerment to people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social exclusion by promoting and supporting national and international projects to overcome any barriers, thereby realizing everyone’s full potential. Facilitates expression.

ABF, Giffony and Shared Value

The theme of the 2023 edition, “Indispensable”, is particularly thought-provoking: strength is the daughter of the awareness that girls and boys, girls and boys, are indispensable, because without their energy, their vision, their dreams, there would be no present and future. Not even.

And the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, whose mission is not only to empower young people, deeply shares this vision and will contribute to the festival by participating in collaboration with MUS.E – the association that deals with the care and promotion of the heritage of children and the Florentine Civic Museum by proposing screenings, workshops and experiential laboratories dedicated to youth and the city of Florence more generally – and the Custody of the Holy Land.

Inside the village, in a stand dedicated to the Foundation, will be displayed “Florence and Jerusalem – an intensive journey between two cities with a vision of peace”, an intensive video installation born of a fruitful collaboration between ABF, MUSE.E. Custody of the Holy Land and created by the young Veronese filmmaker Guglielmo Magagna, This video takes the visitor on an immersive journey connecting the stories, identities and challenges of the city of Florence and the city of Jerusalem.

Projected at 360 degrees inside the stand, this installation literally envelops the audience and will allow one to perceive the mutual reflections of the cities of Florence and Jerusalem, focusing on elements of the soul of the city developed by Giorgio La Pira. In the video, appearances, sports of people, families, work, architecture, natural elements and celestial bodies, places of care and assistance, places of soul mates.

Foundation Projects

For ABF participating in Giffoni53 wants to be an opportunity to gain, in an interactive way, practical experience with the projects that it does daily in schools, in hospitals and in the locations of its headquarters in the San Firenze Complex. Florence. The programs conceptualized and structured by ABF multidisciplinary team of educationists and professionals, are designed to cover different age groups ranging from 3 to 25 years.

“Thanks to Giffoni”

“Presenting our full range of educational projects based on art, music and digital languages ​​through the voices of people who are on the field every day or are part of projects for many children and young people in a creative context.” Their service provides an opportunity to affirm strongly how the arts, in their various forms, can be a transformative and growth factor for younger generations. – he claims Laura Biancalani, ABF General Manager – “Thank you Giffoni for this invaluable alliance.”

An iconic setting of the Festival, in which cinematography becomes fertile ground for other arts such as theater and music and in which the Foundation participates for the extraordinary reception of Giffoni, led by artistic director Claudio Gubitosi.

a joint mission

“The Giffoni-Andrea Bocelli Foundation partnership underlines the joint mission we pursue through actions, projects and initiatives that aim to overcome barriers and enable everyone to have their voice heard, to express their decisions, and with the awareness and ability is to provide an opportunity to trigger positive contamination.- Words of the General Manager of Giffoni Jacopo Gubitosi , We are very pleased to have the presence of a consolidated reality in Italy and in the world at Giffoni during the 53rd edition of our festival. I am sure that, through the many activities scheduled, our Giffoners and the public can obtain well focused information and perceptions on the subject with which they will be working, open to the world but above all incorporating personal experiences. Stuff that will accompany them for the rest of their lives”.

A special event with the magician will be held on 25 July at the Andrea Bocelli Foundation Andrew ParisABF Advocate: A workshop where girls and boys ages 6 and up can use verbal and non-verbal languages ​​through magic tricks.

Workshops during Giffoni

ABF Art, Music and Digital Lab: Through two worlds, analog and digital, recycled and natural materials will be given life, creating spectacular landscapes, the result of the interweaving of materials, stories and sounds. A one-hour activity in which integration of different languages ​​provides a space full of expressive possibilities and innovative use. ABF Lab takes the form of a multimodal atelier where art, music and digital come together and give back conditions to children, boys and girls to activate creative processes.

ABF Globalab Talent4U: “ABF Globalab” represents a matrix of projects in the field of educational, professional and vocational guidance characterized by the adoption of a practical-experiential methodology, essentially a laboratory and interactive-cooperative training opportunities and embedded in experiences. nature, which aims to empower and guide the subjects involved in a comprehensive and most importantly manner.

In particular, the “ABF Talent4U” project provides for the activation of an annual call for ideas for girls and boys between the ages of 16 and 19. Following the selection of the best project ideas, participants are involved in a business coaching course in the months between January and June, including a training trip to the Holy Land with the aim of developing and fostering the acquisition of social-emotional skills it occurs. , cognitive and not transverse, through
Experiment with complex relationship contexts.

Along with the ABF workshops, workshops conceived and offered by MUSE.SE and Custody of the Holy Land will alternate with the theme of the city at the center and how little people can be active heroes of communities.

and appointments are designed for boys

On July 26, 27 and 28, MUS.E will offer two appointments for youth. The Soul of Cities, the first one designed for children aged 7 to 10, will question participants about what are the inescapable spaces of the city, such as the sounds, looks, steps, gestures that inhabit it.

Following suggestions from great (and small) thinkers, kids will experience an imaginary journey through the places that have forever shaped the idea of ​​the city, connecting with the people who are indispensable heroes every day, then creating an extraordinary skyline Will together played on the colors, the possible landscape of the city of the future. Same day but different target (11- to 13-year-olds) Lab Cities from Above: Forms of Ideas, during which participants will be invited to look at cities from above to understand their meaning and nuances , can check the “holy”. geometry” hidden in the architecture and urban planning of all times and then remodel them, paint your own fabulous city… and take it with you.

custody of the holy land

The Custody of the Holy Land is engaged in the protection of Christian holy places and the care of communities in some regions of the Middle East through the activation of solidarity and development projects, aimed also at youth realities and schools.

In the precious context of Giffoni, indispensable, but not a superhero… Through a workshop an activity will be proposed, which aims to help discover, in just 25 minutes, in the company of Francis of Assisi, what is the art of collaboration Capable of creating original designs and shared solutions to make our cities more liveable. Although in a fun and light-hearted way, the children involved will be able to understand that identity, skills and attitudes are an individual treasure, but also a component to play within a group called a fraternity.

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