Andrea Escalona and Daniel Bisogno will be back together! This is what the driver thinks about her ex-partner

The actress also had a two-year affair with the host of ‘Ventaneando’

No one doubts the talent in front of the cameras of the beautiful host Andrea Escalona, who continues her career as one of the famous presenters of the “Hoy” program.

And the fact is that the capital city not only has that ability in front of the cameras because at some point she tried her luck developing as an actress in novels like “La Heredera”, “Top Models” and “Get on my Moto”.

Now, Escalona was required to star in the “Comic Quarantine”, where she will replace the beautiful Aylín Mujica, who left the play a few days ago after having suffered an express kidnapping.

In the program “Chisme No Like”, Andrea was interviewed and affirmed that for her ex-partner, Pati Chapoy’s right-hand driver, Daniel Bisogno, he only has affection and admiration. The question and answer session originated from the fact that the two will get back together, at least in the play.

“I have a super special affection for Bisogno. Bisogno is for me one of the most important men, who I love, admire, respect the most, he makes me laugh, “said the talented 34-year-old presenter.

Escalona said in the interview that he would never touch on private issues about the driver since he has always been a gentleman with her.

“ Daniel with me has always been and will be a gentleman. He wouldn’t be able to talk about it. I love, respect, and admire Daniel so much that I would never talk about his personal life.

” I have never talked about his first marriage, or when he was with me or when we separated,” said the now new actress of the “Comic Quarantine.

Now it is only a matter of time to see Andrea Escalona in the staging and show why she was considered for the iconic production.


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