Andrea Legarreta returns to Hoy after mother’s death

Always professional and aware of what the public loves for her, Andrea Legaretta on the show again today, After the tragic death of his mother, Isabel Martinez, Thank you fans and colleagues for your support. The host was moved by the wave of love he had received, and it was an extremely touching moment for him to shed tears and tell his feelings during the moment of mourning, allowing himself to be sheltered by the love and solidarity of his classmates. The actor, took her hand to comfort her at this very sensitive moment.

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andrea is sheltered by her peers

Andrea appeared on the Hoy Project forum in white, surrounded by her colleagues, to thank Chabelita (as she was affectionately called) for the love she has received since she left. “Thank you to all of you, those I know and those I don’t know, for the love you show, for your support, for your beautiful messages, for your solidarity,” Legareta said through tears. To have such a loving mother, so loving, so giving, so funny, so happy,” he added.

On the other hand, the actress spoke about the loss of Donna Isabel as a huge blow to her life as their relationship was very close and loving. “Sometimes people think it’s not their moment, sometimes people go with the years and say, well, they’re old, no, it’s never the time to let them go, the more years you spend with them, the more you The more stories there are,” he expressed emotion. “I consider myself very lucky to have such a mother and father. She chose a very special day to leave: when my parents celebrated their 57th anniversary.”

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Andrea, always genuine, also spoke about her mother’s health, which has been affected by an illness diagnosed a few years ago. “She’s been battling health issues for a while and people think it’s a disease, she’s had fibromyalgia for years and the meds are starting to make her sick, she’s so greedy and whimsical, she can’t enjoy it, it’s Made her feel really bad,” shared the translator. “It’s a pain you can’t explain…to have to hug her body, kiss her, tell her she’s doing well with us, my dad, people who knew her, a great grandma…” she added .

Andrea told her audience that every morning, during the journey from her home to Trevisa, she would call her mother and they talked all the time, so Chabellita always told her that she was her co-pilot. “There are times, and now I’m touched by your love, and there are times when nothing happens. Suddenly, she’s my co-pilot, and that’s what she told me, and she asked: ‘Where are we going?’ I talk to him every day,” he shared.

The reason why he decided to return to today

In her speech, Andrea revealed that it was her father, Mr. Juan Legareta, who encouraged her to go to the forum to reunite with her colleagues, and he told her they would take care of her and comfort her. “I’m here for her because she’d tell me ‘get up and go.’ He told me: ‘Go with your friends, they’ll fill you with love,'” he shared. “I’m going to move on with my life.” Fight for life like you do, as always, when you tell me not to give up, stand up, I can give it all. For you, for my daughter, for my family, for my brother, we will move on,” he concluded.

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