Andrea Meza and What She Said About COVID-19 LED Her to Be Crowned Miss Universe 2021

Andrea Meza, representative of Mexico in Miss Universe 2021.

The Chihuahuan model recently crowned Miss Universe 2021, faced a tough question about the coronavirus during the beauty pageant. His response was key to leaving a good image before the jury

Andrea Meza was the undisputed winner of Miss Universe, the beauty pageant with the most importance and relevance worldwide. However, the beauty queen faced a tough test during the questioning stage of the event.

During the 69th broadcast of the contest, the native of the state of Chihuahua had to answer the most difficult question of the night, which apart from its difficulty can be considered controversial due to everything that the issue of global relevance entails at this time.

The last stage of the contest is that of questions and answers, where each contestant faces strong issues that will show their command of the word, security, eloquence when speaking and control of emotions, a task that is not easy and is what separates many occasions of who takes the crown.

On this occasion the dynamic consisted in that he should take a card and a member of the jury would question him, Andrea was the first finalist in the Top 5 for what was the first turn and had a total of 40 seconds to formulate his answer.

The luck of Miss Mexico has led her to choose the card marked with the number 8 and the question has been “ If you were the leader in your country, how would you have handled the COVID-19 pandemic? Brook Lee was heard mentioned as Miss Universe in 1996.

The answer that Meza has given has been formidable, in a matter of seconds he has been able to analyze the question and has chosen to give an answer in the English language with great cunning and intelligence.

“And I don’t think there is a perfect way to handle this difficult situation, such as COVID-19, however, I think what it would have done is create the confinement long before everything grew so big, because we lost so many lives and not we can allow it, we have to take care of our people that is why I would have taken care of them from the beginning ”, has been his eloquent response.

Andrea Meza’s final statement before crowning Miss Universe 2021

After the tough question test during the night, the five finalists were given the opportunity to speak freely on a topic, where Alma Andrea Meza Carmona again mastered her stress management without any problem, giving a small speech with great bearing and trust.

The subject that has been assigned to him again choosing a card is ” Changing the standards of Beauty “, and taking only a few seconds this time he gave his answer in Spanish relying on the assigned translator, to deliver a powerful message.

” We live in a society that is increasingly advanced, and just as we have advanced as a society we have also advanced in stereotypes, today beauty does not lie only in how we see ourselves, for me, beauty lies in our spirit, in our soul and the values ​​with which we handle ourselves, never allow someone to tell you that it has no value, “he concluded.


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