Andrea Meza Is Congratulated After Her Sweeping Victory in Miss Universe by Lupita Jones and Ximena Navarrete

Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico. Photo: Miss Universe

The Chihuahua native has made history by becoming the third Mexican to win the beauty pageant, for which she has received congratulations from her predecessors Lupita Jones and Ximena Navarrete

Andrea Meza has managed to put the name of Mexico very high by becoming the most recent winner of the Miss Universe 2021 beauty pageant.

The native of the state of Chihuahua has made history by awarding the third victory to Mexico. The first time was with Lupita Jones in 1991, followed by Ximena Navarrete in 2010 and now years later Meza achieves the feat that caused endless emotions by taking victory and being named the most beautiful woman in the universe.

His predecessors have been among the first to take his social networks and extend their most sincere congratulations where they have sent their messages.

Navarrete did it through his Instagram stories where just minutes after his compatriot scored the victory, with great emotion he said “ Congratulations. We have a third Mexican Miss Universe. What pride! “, Expressed the Miss Universe 2010 followers.

But one of the most anticipated reactions by network users and the general public is that of Lupita Jones, Director of Mexicana Universal, and that is that for hours before she has been aware of the progress of her disciple and with great anguish, she followed each one of the segments.

He has uploaded several publications to his Instagram social network where he is seen living moments of tension since the beginning of the transmission, he could be seen jumping with pride when Meza was placed as a favorite in each of the elimination stages, first by standing out in the Top 21, to later sneak into the Top 10 and finally to the last Top 5 round where one of the toughest tests of the contest is carried out: the interview or question session.


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And it has been in this last stage of questions where the participation of the Mexican has shone the most, by showing great security and eloquence in her answers, which caused the attendees of the event and judges to have no doubt that she would win.

Once the triumph of the 26-year-old model and engineer has been revealed, they have not stopped receiving praise, compliments, signs of affection, and endless congratulations from all over the world, Jones dedicated a beautiful message to her on her networks where she took the opportunity to share a photo where both appear when the victory of Miss Mexico was scored and her pass to Miss Universe was won.

“ Congratulations Andrea Meza! You struggled to achieve the dream that accompanied you since you were a child, your discipline and talent led you to the place you occupied today in Miss Universe “, expressed the former beauty queen;

But her message to the new beauty pageant winner continued.

” Worthy representative of our country, you put the name of Mexico on high and I applaud you because you make it clear to us that wanting is power and Mexicans want to go very far, ” he concluded.


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