Andrea Meza, Mexiana Universal, Was a Victim of Assault

Andrea Meza

The beauty queen suffered a robbery when she was leaving an appointment at a hospital in Guadalajara.

Andrea Meza, elected Universal Mexican and who will represent Mexico in Miss Universe, was the victim of an assault in Guadalajara.

The beauty queen suffered a robbery on February 1, when she left an appointment at a hospital in the capital of Jalisco: “While I was waiting, two men on a motorcycle approached from behind, and the man who was not driving began to pulling me trying to take my belongings. My first reaction was to defend myself. The second was the motorcycle in disbelief of what was happening. Then I went into the hospital to ask them to check the cameras to identify the thieves, but they weren’t working. ”

Andrea was stripped of her bag with all her belongings, and regretted that this type of crime continues to occur: “It is unfortunate that it is so dangerous to drive through the streets of our cities, unaccompanied or at certain times when it is our right as citizens free. The report, do not shut up, we must put a stop to violence and street harassment.

The girl from Chihuahua said that first of all, we must take care of our physical integrity, so she advised us not to try to confront thieves. Andrea Meza filed the corresponding complaint with the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office.


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