Andreea Bălan, photographed in a bathing suit, lying on the sand. The appearance of the star did not go unnoticed: “The most beautiful images!”

She is the mother of two little girls, enjoys a resounding success professionally and is loved by fans. Andreea Bălan is, without a doubt, one of the most appreciated artists in our country and she never misses an opportunity to impress her fans.

Shortly after it was said that she had separated from Tiberiu Argint, Andreea Bălan went on a vacation with her daughters and her mother. Even though she spent time with the dearest beings in her life, the artist took advantage of her free time to take unique photos for social networks, and the fans were impressed.

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Specifically, the singer was photographed lying on the sand, on the beach, in a white swimsuit, consisting of two pieces, which highlighted her perfect body.

Obviously, the images in which the artist appears in sensual poses caused a stir among fans, arousing numerous comments: “There is an immortal fire in you.”, “God, what beautiful pictures!”, “You are very beautiful!“The fans appreciated.

Andreea Bălan celebrated her birthday in Greece

To have fun away from prying eyes, Andreea Bălan chose to celebrate her 37th birthday in Greece. She was accompanied by several friends and, of course, her boyfriend, while her little girls stayed at home with the artist’s mother.
The member of the band Andre fully enjoyed the sunny days and even tanned on board a boat, showing off her kid’s body in various Swimsuits. From the many pictures shared with the fans, none of them lacked a wide smile, a sign that Andreea is happy and calm.

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