Andrew Garfield Jokes About ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’: ‘No One Will Believe What I Say Anymore’

Andrew Garfield knows no one will believe him anymore after he lied about returning to being Spider-Man in No Way Home.

Franchise The Incredible Spiderman has a clearly problematic history, that’s for sure: Andrew Garfield and director Mark Webb they tried to make the film with as much passion and heart as possible, but ran into the needs of Sony, which instead imposed various restrictions (forcing the production to make conflicting choices), moving purely for economic reasons.

Finally, after meeting with Kevin Feige (and after the financial failure of the second film with Electro) Sony decided to cancel The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and choose a reboot starring Tom Holland, integrating him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Flushed with success Spiderman: No Way Homefans started the hashtag #MakeTASM3with which they are trying to convince Sony to develop this third chapter by massively “hearing” himself on social media … and Garfield himself has explained several times that he is for the return, but only under certain conditions.

During the interview released last year during the Oscars, Hollywood Reporter he asked Andrew Garfield for any news of a potential The Incredible Spiderman 3, with an actor who admitted that no matter what he says, he is aware that no one will believe him:

I don’t have any updates. No one will believe my words anyway, that’s my problem!

At the beginning of the year, Sony accounts admitted to noticing all the fan requests for this third chapter (many saw a glimmer of hope in these statements), this is not counting the statements Mark Hughes according to Forbes, according to which Sony is very attentive to the requests of fans, so it could indulge them.

In addition, several insiders have already foreseen the return of Garfield, so such possibilities, of course, cannot be ruled out.

As always, we will keep you updated as soon as there is news.

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