Android 10 Now Available For ROG phone II


ASUS update announced system-operating Android 10 for ROG phone II has now available. The Update brings with it a host of latest features, the Android 10 in smartphone gaming the best in the world.

“From the beginning, we were fully committed to provide the best experience for the user
we, especially the players who were ROG phone II. Update Android 10 this time
Evidence of that commitment,” said Jimmy Lin, Regional Director ASUS South East Asia.

“Android 10 has a number of latest features, so that gamers, the ROG-phone-II can re-feeling the experience better,” he added Jimmy

Android 10 comes with a variety of new features that improve the experience of use. Features include Dark Theme can be switched on and off in accordance with the wishes of the user. Dark Theme can also be applied to the entire surface ROG phone II or in some certain applications ROG phone IIto make it easier for the user ROG phone II use smartphone-its in a variety of lighting conditions.

In addition Dark Themethe new features Android 10 is Gesture control It allows the user to
Taxes smartphonethrough a variety of gestures. A command such as navigation, return to home page
Screen, or open Google Assistant can now be done with how to perform a swipe gesture, or by
Gesture, which was set before.

Android 10 is the operating system Android the most secure up to this point in time. Comes with the system
better security Android 10 promising data, the security and the privacy is better for the
User. All Option privacy settings on Android 10 also now in one place and will
to make it easier for the user to set up data security and privacy.

Stable Android 10

Update for ROG phone II this time not only the operating system Android 10but
for also comes with a variety of corrections of errors and improvements to the system
a total of. So ROG phone II the appear as smartphone accompany
daily activities are also the main weapon, the user, play the game to be.

Update Android 10 already available starting today and will gradually spread to the rest of
User ROG phone II. Users who want to run the update manually can also download
firmware update on the official website ASUS.

Smartphone Games Actually

ROG phone II since the beginning of the show as smartphone specifically for gamers. In relation to the
Performance, ROG phone II equipped with the best specifications out of range SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+
with clock-speed of up to 2,96 GHz, memory UFS 3.0 with up to 512 GB and RAM LPDDR4X to
12 GB. A combination of all three, to ensure that all of the games that can be run, with quality and the best performance.

ROG phone II also comes with special gaming features, which Water Trigger that
a special sensor on the side of the body ROG phone II can be used as a button
extra, when you play the game. In addition, there is also a port USB type-C special on the side
Body ROG phone II this serves as a means to fill the power while connecting different accessories special ROG phone II.

ROG phone II not only powerful and full of features, but can also accompany a session of the game
Users in a longer period of time. Thanks to the large battery 6.000 mAh, ROG phone II can
used to play the game more than smartphone other. Supports
Technology Quick Charge 4.0, Battery ROG phone II can also be replenished in a short period of time.