Android TV begins to receive the Google TV interface in a massive way

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The launch of the Chromecast with Google TV was somewhat confusing because not only was it a more advanced device than the Chromecast known so far, but it also included new software called Google TV, which was an evolution of Android TV. Despite that, Google warned that I was not going to discontinue Android TV, and that in the future the interface of this system would resemble that of Google TV.

We started to see that change some time ago in some brands, but it has not been until now that it has reached televisions from other manufacturers, such as Phillips.

It is not the update to Android 12 that we have talked about this week, that will take much longer to reach the televisions we have at home, if it arrives.

A new, cleaner interface with a clear focus on discovering content

This new start interface is reaching many manufacturers since it is Google that updates the software without having to change the firmware of the televisions, something very complex due to the type of product it is.

Thus, we see a new interface with a more modern design, without the icons of the sections on the left, and with tabs at the top to go to the Start, Applications or the Discover section, which is where Google us recommends series and movies that might interest us.

This section is configured according to the streaming services that we have installed, although some such as Netflix do not appear yet, something that Google should solve.

This update is also coming to OnePlus TVs, which are the ones that appear in the images in this article.

If you have a model with Android TV and you don’t get this update, you can try to install it manually.

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