Android: You can now download YouTube videos automatically for offline viewing

YouTube logo.  (photo: Alpha Coders)
YouTube logo. (photo: Alpha Coders)

A few months ago Youtube started testing the possibility of applying PictureinPicture in the apps video for devices iOS. Now the company has started enable additional new feature in Android: smart downloads.

This is a function very similar to that of Netflix and that It will allow users with a paid subscription to save on mobile data. The functions called Smart Downloads; but yes, they will have some limitations.

How Smart Downloads works on Android

A feature that allows YouTube to download videos for offline viewing only when the smartphone is connected to a network Wifi, which can be useful for users with limited data plans or who don’t want to spend the GB price of them when it comes to watching videos online and much less expensive when it comes to downloading videos.

But nevertheless, this function does not allow you to select videos manually, but the application itself will select and download them automatically. Specifically, YouTube will be able to detect content that may be of interest based on a user’s viewing history.

YouTube smart downloads they are limited to a maximum of 20 videos per week. It’s unclear whether YouTube automatically deletes content after you play it, like it does with Netflix.

But nevertheless, YouTube will display a section where users can manage all downloaded videos, in case you want to reproduce or delete them.

Youtube.  (Photo: Unsplash)
Youtube. (Photo: Unsplash)

So you can try smart downloads on YouTube

Smart downloads, unlike other experimental features of the video app, it is only available in Europe and for a limited number of users with a paid subscription. While YouTube has a website to sign up for the trial, in this case only people who see the review on YouTube’s home page can do so.

The feature will be available in beta until February 14. It is likely that from this date it will begin to be implemented for all users.

Meanwhile, YouTube continues to experiment with PictureinPicture mode in its iOS app. This feature allows you to watch videos even when the user is browsing other applications. This feature is also available only to members of YouTube Premium.

Picture in Picture on iPhone from Safari.  (photo: iPadizate)
Picture in Picture on iPhone from Safari. (photo: iPadizate)

So you can skip to the most interesting part of a video on YouTube

In 2021, the company had already taken care of incorporating a function that allows users to slide through the timeline and see a preview of the frame on which we are standing depending on the position of the finger or the cursor, well, the new tool will show people through a graph which have been the most viewed parts of a video as you move.

In addition to the above, the new function it will also show the most viewed moment of the entire video, This thanks to a follow-up of the number of reproductions in each part of the video, so that it will allow people who want to jump to the most interesting part of the video to do so with just one click.

For go to the most viewed part of a video, just slide the cursor to the part where the display graph is highest. It should be clarified that this tool was available in some contents of the platform and currently it can already be tested by premium users.


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