Anel Noreña sues Alejandra Ávalos for ensuring that Manuel José is José José’s son

A few days ago, Alejandra Ávalos assured that Manuel José’s genes are exactly the same as those of the “Prince of the Song”

A few days after the first death anniversary of José José, the scandals surrounding the alleged paternity outside of his marriage continue. And it is that, in recent days, Alejandra Ávalos spoke again on the subject, assuring that the “Prince of the Song” is the father of a young Colombian named Brian Álvarez, who has become known under the artistic name of Manuel José.

“ Confessions have come into my life from people very close to José José, and at this moment there are three people who have confirmed with me that Manuel José is his son. Manuel José did not have to tell me that he was his son, I found out because his genes are exactly the same as his father’s, “said the singer during an interview for the morning show ‘Hoy’, so Anel Noreña, ex-wife The interpreter of “Gavilán o Paloma” confirmed that he already filed a lawsuit against Ávalos for said statements.

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“ Alejandra Ávalos has confused what free expression means and make comments with intent, with perversity and lies. All he says are assumptions, “said the mother of José Joel and Marysol Sosa along with their lawyer, who showed the claim that has already been presented to the authorities of Mexico City for moral damage, and for which he will have to show in a court will test the paternity of José José, otherwise he will have to pay for the damage repair.

For her part, Alejandra Ávalos revealed during an interview with the program ‘Venga la Alegría’ that she is not aware of said demand, so she is calm since she has always spoken the truth and sent a message to Noreña and her children:

“ I ask for respect for myself and for the memory of my dear friend José from the Sosa Noreña family. Do not consider me, we do not have, these people have something, but I declared myself at peace with those people and with my feelings and with José José, “he said.


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