Ángela Aguilar Divides Opinions After Her Interpretation of the Mexican National Anthem Prior to the Fight of “Canelo” ÁLvarez

Angela Aguilar.

Dressed in an elegant black cape with handmade embroidery, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter had outstanding participation in which she shone thanks to her talent and beauty, however, she was criticized by some social media users

Ángela Aguilar raised the name of Mexico when singing the National Anthem prior to the Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders fight, although she received a shower of compliments and congratulations for what some thought was an excellent interpretation, too. there were fans who used social networks to criticize her.

On the night of this Saturday, May 8, “The Princess of Mexican Music” went up to the ring to interpret the Mexican National Anthem. Dressed in an elegant black cape with handmade embroidery, the singer had outstanding participation in which she shone thanks to her talent and beauty, however, she was the target of attacks for giving a different intonation that did not seem to some viewers who used the networks to express their annoyance.

” It is a war cry, not a love song “, ” He sang it in the gringo style “, ” Our national anthem is strong, synonymous with the pride of being Mexican and this time my skin did not turn red when listening to it “, ” I did not know that the national anthem could be used as a song to fall asleep “,” It’s Sunday: Has Angela finished singing the National Anthem? “We’re just a few messages shared by social network users who expressed their disagreement in the interpretation of the 17-year-old.

While in a publication that she shared through her official Instagram account, the singer received hundreds of compliments and congratulations where they rated her participation as one of the best.

” I loved your interpretation of the national anthem and the entrance was also spectacular “, ” Congratulations Angelita, you are pride for Mexico “, ” It was really beautiful “, ” Mexican pride “, ” Chulada from entry Angela “, ” You sang beautifully “, ” How barbarous my skin turns “, wrote some fans of the artist.

On the other hand, the singer Pepe Aguilar came to the defense of his younger daughter during a life with his followers on Instagram, where he accepted that Angela was wrong in the hymn as he sang slower. Despite this, he highlighted his pride since at his young age he managed a live presentation before more than 80 thousand fans.

“ Yes there was a mistake, of course, there was a mistake, of course, he watered it, but it was not to shoot her, but he did. In what did you water it? I’m going to tell you: he watered it in which he sang it very slowly. He watered it, it’s over, 17 years. It is not to justify it, he watered it. He did not modulate or modify the melody, he just sang it slower and it is badly sung, “the singer explained.

This is not the first time that Angela has sung the Mexican National Anthem, as it was in November 2019 when she first responded to the boxer’s invitation.