Ángela Aguilar Gives Style Classes With a Flowered Jacket

Angela Aguilar.

The young singer again gave a styling chair and only needed some torn jeans and a jacket

Ángela Aguilar is one of the most popular Mexican regional singers of the moment who has conquered her fans with her talent and her incredible style. That is why, through her social networks, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter does not hesitate to share her costumes with her millions of followers.

The singer recently published a photo on her Instagram account where she showed a flowery outfit ideal for a walk in the countryside. It consisted of ripped jeans that she combined with a blue and yellow patterned and colored jacket. She also wore her new long hair look and brown boots.

In the caption, the 17-year-old interpreter placed the legend “take my hand.”

In a short time, the image received more than 530 thousand likes and in the comments, his followers told him how beautiful he looked in the sunlight.

This is not the first time that a young singer boasts a look of ripped pants, a few days ago he uploaded a similar image in which he was seen in an open landscape, with his long hair and a red top.

The singer has been sharing images where she is seen walking through the field. Last week she was seen in a similar landscape wearing a dress that belonged to her grandmother.

In that photograph, the singer looked very natural because, in addition to wearing her hair down, she walked without shoes.

Another look of jeans was the one she shared a few days ago where she wore a blue scarf on her head and some hoop earrings. Her open-back white top fit her perfectly.

This is how with each photograph Angela falls in love with her followers who are now very excited with the announcement of her next musical tour which she will do next to her famous father and brother. “Jaripeo sin borders” in the United States is the return of the Aguilar to the stage and Angela will be able to interpret their new songs.

A couple of weeks ago the young woman premiered her song “En Realidad” which was very well received on the different digital platforms.