Ángela Aguilar Looks Beautiful In a Dress That Belonged to Her Grandmother

Angela Aguilar.

The young singer wore a colorful and loose garment and with it demonstrated once again the incredible style that characterizes her

Ángela Aguilar is one of the young voices of the Mexican regional genre that has the most strength today, the daughter of  Pepe Aguilar has not only achieved enormous musical success but has also become a benchmark in fashion with versatile looks that show how good it looks with any outfit.

The 17-year-old singer recently again proved her good taste with a vintage look that belonged to her grandmother. Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of “In reality” shared a photograph in which she appears wearing a fresh colorful dress and her hair down.

The loose dot print dress looked incredible and very natural, the singer also gave it a fresher touch by wearing barefoot.

In the caption, he made known to his more than 5.7 million followers that the garment had belonged to his grandmother. Although she did not say if it corresponded to her grandmother on the part of her mother or father, many of her fans immediately related her to  Flor Silvestre, mother of Pepe Aguilar who passed away at the end of last year.

Angela Aguilar’s versatile style

Angela has her fans used to seeing her in all kinds of outfits. In one of her most recent photos, she was seen wearing a tight-fitting denim look and a gray turtleneck blouse. As for accessories, she chose some ostentatious necklaces and returned to her classic bob cut.

For the promotion of her most recent musical release entitled “In reality”, the singer had changed her image a bit; she chose to put extensions to grow her hair, in addition to saying “goodbye” to the  Mexican dresses that marked her beginnings.

Now, the young woman has been shown in a cowboy-style made up of tight pants and a gold top that accompanies a hat very much in the style of the old west. Some have even said that she would be an excellent follower in the footsteps of Ana Bárbara,  the grupero queen.



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