ÁNgela Aguilar Wears Long Hair While Dancing on Tiktok

Angela Aguilar

Ángela Aguilar premiered her new song this Friday that included a musical clip, however, the young woman did not stop there because now she launched a choreography to accompany this single.

The 17-year-old singer added another success to her career with her new material entitled “En Realidad”, which is why to the rhythm of the song she invited her fans to be part of the #EnRealidadChallenge, a challenge that consists of imitating her choreography on TikTok -or any other digital platform-. For this, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter danced on top of a truck wearing long hair, a different look than the bob cut she usually uses.

@angelaaguilar_#EnRealidadChallenge I’m falling in love! 🌵🌵🌵Dance with me 💚💚💚♬ Actually – Angela Aguilar

The interpreter of “Tell me how you want” wore a white shirt, tight jeans, and cowboy boots. To finish her look she wore a hat very much in the style of the old west as an accessory.

This outfit conforms to the theme that has been handled during the promotion of this single. Just a few days ago she had been seen wearing a green top and boots of the same color. In addition to that, he also shared images of her in a canteen. 

The singer’s fans are delighted with Aguilar’s new style, which emerges from the beautiful and ostentatious Mexican dresses that characterized her for a long time.

Just one day after being released, the music video has 1.8 million views on YouTube and the song has thousands of views on digital platforms.

The truth is that Ángela at her young age is already a professional and has managed to become a benchmark of the new generation of the Mexican region. On the other hand, his good sense of fashion is also something that has impacted his fans; On more than one occasion the young woman has worn the most successful looks with which shows that she could well venture into fashion.


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