Angele, the photo that does not pass: “I really took too much money”


Following a caricature of herself, singer Angele did not hide her deep dismay on social networks.

This year 2021 is not starting in the best possible way for Angèle, or more precisely her ego. The artist, who formalized her relationship with influencer Marie Papillon last August, had a real shock as she walked quietly in a bookstore on January 2, 2021. Indeed, the young woman found herself facing a caricature of her which gave her a big blow!

This drawing is in the work entitled “They make us sing” where many celebrities of the French song, like Julien Doré and Clara Luciani, are represented by caricatures. The interpreter of “Forget everything” was quick to react via her Instagram account. “ Ok, I’m going to cry… Why? What did I do to deserve this? ” She laments in an Instagram story. But the shock lasts especially when the musician lingers on the caricature of her gray and yellow teeth: ” I was not ready at all … I understood, I am going to have my teeth whitened. I really did. taken way too expensive. ” she breathes, not without humor.

Time doesn’t matter and even on her way home, the pretty 25-year-old blonde rehashes and posts a video on which she grumbles, still shocked by the infamous representation of her teeth: ” Me looking for what I did to deserve this abused caricature with such rotten teeth “. Clever, Angèle, fortunately, has a solution to put an end to all that: in her bathroom, she films herself in front of her mirror: ” Okay, I’m going to brush my teeth with blue toothpaste. It works well for yellow teeth. ” Who says better?