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What can be denied: they continue to talk about the fashion of the 2000s, continue to dictate trends, continue to rediscover. Leading the Y2K team is one of the most popular trios in millennial film history: Angeles Charlie. No, not a 1970s series that wants to find its loyal fans among bouffant hair, flared jeans and Nike Cortez, and not even the most recent reboot. Give life to Dylan, Alex and Natalie, three favorites of the early 2000s, namely Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. From the movie Charlie’s Angelos, apart from the iconic and impossible action scenes, it’s the looks that make it iconic. The three angels’ coordinated costumes were inspired by costume designer Joseph Aulisi, called three weeks before filming began with the task of putting together a wardrobe of more than five thousand looks. Mission successful.

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The Charlie’s Angeles wardrobe best reflected the fashion and trends of the 2000s. Low-waisted jeans, ankle boots, jumpsuits, vintage T-shirts with ironic slogans, sunglasses with colored lenses – and minimalistic and very light frames – and skin-tight leather suits, a Y2K spy uniform -. But fashion is not just eye candy: it is the style of each spy that reveals his personality. Thus, in favor of the cliché, the beautiful and sassy blonde, a little awkward but incredibly charming, wears extremely fashionable looks. For her, trousers with a low waist, slightly flared and fitted, cropped tops – often one-shouldered, with a halter or with a low neckline – and ankle boots are suitable. The shirt is a piece of clothing that is reinvented according to the occasion, so it is micro and short-sleeved in satin or knotted at the waist.

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For character Drew Barrymore, who wants to be the most rebellious figure of the trio, it’s the T-shirts that make him character. So, T-shirts with the English flag, rock bands and camouflage prints appear on the screen. His appearance bleeds into slight hints of rock and doesn’t pull in more punk moments. In fact, she is a real vampire. So she becomes the godmother of the iconic leather suit that has become a symbol of the film. He also indulges in moments of leisure, consisting of hats and microscarves, satin shirts and low-cut tops, which the costume designer considered his hallmark due to his overtly cheeky nature.

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The last component of the trio: the brain. Lucy Liu brings her character to life, whose wardrobe is a serious note in the world of three angels. For her, fashion is complex, it’s secondary to her work, it’s a functional and chic interlude of espionage. Thus, in the whirlwind of leather looks that the main character transforms into suits, corsets, tops and trousers, her style is timeless. She never refuses high-heeled boots and cat silhouettes.

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