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Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of child abuse and gender violence

  • The actress has presented in a Los Angeles court new documents that would prove the accusations

  • Maddox, the couple’s 19-year-old son, announces his intention to renounce his father’s last name

The legal, and also emotional, battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad PittFar from reaching an end, it has regained new virulence in recent days. And he has done it hand in hand with Jolie, which on March 12, according to various US media such as ‘US Weekly’, presented documents in a Los Angeles court attesting to several episodes of gender violence and child abuse, allegedly perpetrated by the actor in a family environment.

Since in September 2016 Jolie, 45 years old, and Pitt, 57, decided to divorce, the couple is embroiled in a court battle for the custody of their six children, Maddox (19), Pax (17), Zahara (19), Shiloh (14), Knox (12 and Vivienne (12). The serious accusations are framed in the firm will of Jolie to get sole custody of their children, something to which Pitt it seems that he is not willing to concede.

According to close sources, the actor is totally dejected and heartbroken by the decision to Angelina. “Brad took responsibility for his actions and for hiss problems with drinking and drugs. The marriage was very passionate and toxic at times and like all couples they had fights, but they also shared a lot of good times together & rdquor ;, have declared.

And if they are true, the accusations could have serious consequences for Pitt, in the family sphere, he could lose any contact with his children, and also in the professional sphere, as happened recently to Johnny Depp after being found guilty of assaulting his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Maddox takes sides

Meanwhile, the couple’s children seem to be taking sides. This has been demonstrated Maddox Pitt Jolie, the 19-year-old eldest son, who made public his wish to renounce his surname Pitt and legally adopt Jolie’s, something that has deeply affected her father and with which her mother disagrees, according to the US press.

In fact, the first-born of the family has already declared in favor of his mother in the divorce trial and has used the surname for some time Jolie in unofficial documents. The reality is that for several years Maddox, who is studying at a university in Seoul (South Korea), is non-existent.

According to some versions, the bad relationship between father and son was the fuze that caused the couple’s separation. The confrontation that in September 2016 they had on the Paris-Los Angeles flight with which the family returned home after a few days of vacation in France is known.

Apparently, Maddox came out in defense of his mother in a bitter argument between the couple so that Brad attacked the young man. Other versions suggest that the actor harshly reprimanded his son for his bad behavior.

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The truth is that after the incident, the actor was investigated by the FBI and the Social Services of Los Angeles, being finally acquitted for lack of evidence.

However, the new documents provided by Jolie could turn the current situation around and cause the case to be reopened, with unknown and uncertain, but surely nothing favorable, consequences for Brad Pitt.

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