Angelina Jolie against racism in medicine

GAlways against discrimination, and this time too Angelina Jolie dedicates her efforts to the problem of lack of rights: those who are treated worse, depending on the color of the skin. For the actress, activist and longtime UN Special Envoy for Refugees racism in medicine and treatment is a problem that needs to be highlighted.

Angelina Jolie, from 90s rebel icon to glamorous icon

Angelina Jolie, from 90s rebel icon to glamorous icon

Angelina Jolie against racism in medicine

She writes about it herself in a magazine editorial. American Journal of Nursing after having, moreover, been a first-hand witness with his Ethiopian daughter Zahara: “Medical Research, Imaging and Teaching keep focusing on white skin, not about how lesions appear differently in patients with darker skin tones. As a result, healthcare professionals, including nurse practitioners and forensic experts, are often unable to detect injuries, depending on ethnicity.

Angelina Jolie returns to talk medicine (EPA/Oliver Contreras/POOL)

Challenge yourself

For Jolie they huge gaps in the medical system in this sense, for example, even risk misdiagnosis, as happened with the undersigned, who, despite receiving a certain level of treatment, faced the inexperience of medical staff in treating non-white patients.

Inequality in care is changing the lives of millions

Jolie, in her latest intervention, which aims to demonstrate the benefits of a new technology that can more effectively detect bruises and wounds in black patients, wanted to emphasize first of all that Racial disparities in health care affect outcomes for millions of people.

Indeed, the actress dwells a lot on the topic of domestic violence, emphasizing how it is essential for victims to be able to demonstrate the abuse they have been subjected to “physically”.so that we can file a complaint and get the protection we need. But finding a bruise on dark skin with the naked eye is not the same as finding it if the patient has white skin. To that end, “it’s time to make new decisions,” concludes Jolie.

Angelina Jolie is against any discrimination

The actress was already in the spotlight of the healthcare world when her choice to have a mastectomy and then spaying to reduce the risk of cancer associated with the mutation of the Brca1-Brca2 genes that it carries, made a great impression on the public and caused great controversy.

And now he is back with another topic, very relevant and important: racism in treatment. A problem that needs to be addressed through awareness, education and educate healthcare workers on cultural awareness and elimination of prejudice.


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