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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reach an agreement on the sale of their assets

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remain in a legal dispute over their divorce, custody of their children, and other business-related matters … among them are their assets, on which they reached an agreement on the sale of all the possessions they had during their marriage.

In accordance with ET Online, this week got up one standard temporary restraining order on your assets; However, there is still more history ahead, because Pitt alleges that Jolie’s company wants to put obstacles in the way.

According to the site, court documents filed in Luxembourg suggest that the company Mondo Bongo (of Brad Pitt) sued Nouvel (of Angelina Jolie), alleging that they were trying to evade responsibility in relation to Chemicum, a farm and winery owned by their companies together.

In 2008, both companies acquired the property, being Mondo Bongo the majority shareholder, leaving the ratio at 60/40. According to the documents, Pitt’s company agreed to match the shares so that they were 50/50.

According to the lawsuit, Jolie was attempting to sell Quimicum’s shares to avoid Pitt’s ‘right of first refusal’ – that is, his right to buy his shares from him.

VtoIt is worth mentioning that, for the last four years, Nouvel (Jolie’s company) did not act in Quimicum’s best interest by systematically delaying the approval of the annual accounts and the renewal of the manager“adds the document.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016, a process that ended in 2019. However, complications with its properties and the custody of his then 6 minor children have made them a constant when talking about legal issues between celebrities.

However, the recent disqualification of the judge handling the custody matter, makes the fight for the guardianship of the couple’s five minor children, which was coming to an end, could begin again. John W. Ouderkirk dictated the couple’s divorce, but he handled the guardianship of the children separately … and now, he is withdrawing from the case.


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