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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the keys to a controversial divorce that is not over yet

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their separation in 2016 everything fell apart. Nobody could believe that a love that had managed to go beyond the screen would be broken forever and the social interest that this thoughtful decision unleashed was enormous.

Now, 5 years later the interest remains the same and the court disputes between them they have grown in an exorbitant way. The reason why both continue with judicial fights is neither more nor less than for the good of the children they have in common, since both are fighting for the custody from them.

This week the actor gave something to talk about because some photographs circulated in which he appears in a wheelchair, and although there was speculation about his “serious state of health”, it was only a visit to the dentist, however, the US press added to this discomfort the legal dispute he has with his ex Angelina, who a few weeks ago was preparing the alleged evidence to accuse the actor of domestic violence.

What is a fact is that the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is already considered one of the most expensive in the history of the show.

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Why did they get divorced?

According to Angelina herself there were “irreconcilable differences.” Many commented at the time that the appearance of third parties could have been one of the reasons why both wanted to take different paths, but that idea quickly dissipated. It was then that they began to speak of the malaise that existed in the family unit, something that today we lack many details.

Brad Pitt’s relationship with his children

At that time, the international media claimed that Angelina Jolie was tired of the way Brad had to treat his children, something that overcame the actress’s patience and she decided to break a clean sheet. Recall that the couple had three biological children in common (twins Vivienne and Knox Leon and Shiloh), but Jolie had already adopted Maddox, in addition to Zahara and Paz Thien.

Angelina Jolie always put her six children first and it seems that this mentality was something that Brad did not share. Which ended up destabilizing the marriage and causing what no one would ever imagine, the final breakdown of two of the most important actors in Hollywood.


The signing of a prenuptial contract
When Angelina and Brad got married, they signed a prenuptial contract by which in the event of divorce due to infidelity of one of the two, the person who was unfair would renounce custody of the six children in common.

Here is one of the great problems that both face and that is why this divorce is eternal, since the actress wanted from the first moment the custody of the six children.

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Angelina’s relationship with her mother-in-law

The differences between the two were always palpable. They discerned in aesthetics, since Brad Pitt’s mother always visited Shiloh in fairy and princess dresses, something the actress never liked. In addition, politically they did not agree either, Jene Pitt once sent a letter to a famous newspaper asking that people not vote for Barack Obama because he supports homosexual marriages, something that the actress did not see with good eyes because she considered that he was giving a bad example to his grandchildren.

Jennifer Aniston, her main enemy

Angelia Jolie never took that Jennifer Aniston She was the ex-partner of Brad Pitt and when she had to face the death of her father, the actor contacted the phone to give him his condolences. Days later Jolie found out about that call and since then it has been published that the couple lived separated by a jealousy attack


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