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Angelina Jolie … better than ever, she tells us about her ‘toughest’ character in cinema

Angelina She accepted, smiling, that she was very pleased to be able to draw all her energy: “I was happy to get dirty and sweat, to do things that I had never done and to feel very capable. Taylor He taught me how to chop wood and light a fire. Now he needs to teach me to ride a horse. “

Your experience as a mom

On Those Who Wish Me Dead, in the movie theaters of Mexico from this weekend, Jolie share the lead with Finn little, In the role of Connor, so the actress was able to put into practice what she does every day at home to understand her children: “My instinct with children is to listen.”

Finn Little and Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie shares the lead with Finn Little, in the role of ‘Connor’.

The great challenge is that unlike her, Hannah She has no children, therefore no maternal instinct, so in order to have the necessary chemistry with Finn in the footage she became friends with him and they found the formula to establish that their roles were incompatible, but with the joke that they were “companions of action heroes.

“One of us is crazy, but we are going to overcome the fire (…) Finn he is a very robust child and can access his emotions. It is clear that he is going to have a career, he is so professional, just a light and a great energy. He loved and respected everyone on set and as an actor he would try anything and be great with action. ” Angelina.

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