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Angelina Jolie breaks a world record by joining Instagram

Oddly enough, taking into account the globalized world in which we live, there are many people who do not have social networks and not because of lack of internet access, but because they simply do not want to. Angelina Jolie belonged to them until a few days ago, when she decided to open a profile on Instagram and managed to reach seven million followers in a few hours. In fact, with this gesture, the actress has managed to break a world record.

Angelina Jolie belonged to that strange group of celebrities who prefer to live without constantly exposing themselves on the internet and without the excessive noise that the networks generate. There are actors who have accounts that they use in a promotional way, but in the case of the protagonist of Maleficent, she didn’t even have one for that.

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A few days ago, the artist decided to join the Instagram family, causing a great uproar with her decision, and the good reception she had was noted with the number of followers she got all at once. And that has only made one publication so far: the letter from an Afghan girl who denounces the restriction of rights that the Taliban are imposing.

The letter has managed to stir consciences and has gone viral in a matter of hours. It should be remembered that Angelina Jolie is an ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and that she is one of the famous faces that is denouncing the abuses of the Afghan people by the recently created Taliban government.

The fact that Angelina Jolie only follows three accounts on Instagram suggests that the use she will give to her social network is more of a complaint than a personal one. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Doctors Without Borders and UNHCR are the three profiles that have the artist as a follower.

Despite being a newcomer, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has managed to break a world record by signing up on Instagram. His is the account that has reached the fastest two million followers. In fact, it took him two hours to reach 2.1 million followers, thus leaving behind the records of other newcomers to the photo platform such as Rupert Grint or Jennifer Aniston.

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