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Angelina Jolie came out dressed normally on the street, but left an intimate detail in sight. What surprised the paparazzi

Angelina Jolie is truly a female sex symbol. The actress has attracted attention since her first appearances and until now, becoming one of the most recognizable figures in Hollywood, worldwide.

Angelina Jolie was caught by the paparazzi while shopping at a store in Los Feliz with her daughter Vivienne.

Dressed in black from head to toe, the actress revealed an intimate detail about her body. Although the clothes are wide, the paparazzi managed to surprise the fact that Angelina left her bust in a spicy way.

But when you live from the image, either rain or wind, you should look out of the box, but Angelina Jolie put aside the pretentious attire from the movie scenes and adopted a nonconformist style, in which she cannot be noticed.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue to fight in court. According to the social media, the actress is ready to involve the children in the trial to prove the accusations of domestic violence brought against her husband.

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According to the documents in the file and obtained by The Blast, Angelina Jolie submitted several documents that clearly show that she is willing to provide “evidence and authority in support” of the alleged physical abuse that she reported.

Beyond the star’s testimony, there would be a separate document with the statements of the couple’s minor children. In order to be used, both Brad and Angelina must allow the court to involve Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne in the divorce proceedings.

The man Angelina Jolie said was “the best husband”

Angelina Jolie has been married three times to well-known actors who have made their mark in the film industry. In her love life, there was a former who she considers the “best” partner of all she had and it’s not about Brad Pitt.

Actor Jonny Lee Miller was Angelina Jolie’s first husband. Long before Jolie became Mrs. Brad Pitt, she was married to English actor Jonny Lee Miller. The couple met on the set of the 1995 film Hackers, but did not begin a relationship until six months after the end of production. Once they became an official couple, Jolie and Miller found themselves entangled in a love affair that led to their marriage in 1996.

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Although it seemed that Jolie and Miller would have a long-term relationship, their marriage did not last long. The couple separated, a year later, in September 1997, and officially ended their divorce in February 1999. But despite the fact that Jolie and Miller ended their marriage a year after they became husband and wife, the actress from Maleficent has since remained on good terms with his ex. Not only did he call Miller “a solid man and a good friend,” but he also said he was “the best husband a woman can have.”

“I will always love him,” she once said, according to Marie Claire. “We were just too young.”

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