Angelina Jolie denounces the medical difficulty that affects her children by having different skin tones

In addition to his prolific Hollywood career, Angelina Jolie is one of the most present stars in terms of the social activism and fighting and traveling for important causes and inequalities.

Angelina is mother of six children and tries to protect them above all else, although young people have recently been exposed due to their legal battle for custody with his ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Now the actress has conducted an interview in the magazine Time the medical student Malone Mukwende, whose mission is to improve the healing for patients of color.

During the report, Malone explains the project he has created called ‘Mind the Gap’, a process that he has seen necessary during his studies as he tells Angelina.

“I got to medical college and realized that there was a gap (in English, “gap”) in our teaching. If we learned about some particular type of rash or disease that manifests itself in the skin, the reference was always with white skin“, declares.

“I was asking what that would look like in darker skin tones, to learn. I was often told they didn’t know. So I decided something had to be done,” he reveals. And that’s how he created ‘Mind the Gap’ as a guide to know what these rashes look like on other skins.

In response to her account, Jolie reveals thatand she herself has experienced that problem in his family with his children.

“I have children of different places, And I know that when there’s been an eruption that everybody was picking up, it had a drastically different look depending on your skin color. But whenever I looked at medical reports, the reference was always white skin,” the actress agrees.

“Recently my daughter Zahara, the one I adopted in Ethiopia, had an operation. And then a nurse told me to call them if their skin ‘turned pink,'” Angelina reveals adding her experience to this problem. Currently their daughter Zahara is 16 years old.

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