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Angelina Jolie explains why she joined the Marvel universe with Eternals

Marvel is a factory of stars by day, and a warehouse of actors who are already stars by night. As of November 5, Angelina Jolie it will be one of them.

The media firm has managed to elevate to the category of supernova everyone who has passed through its stages. But not only to give voice to new talents live those who fight against Thanos. Many of the protagonists of his films (if we start to name Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson or Chris Evans; we will never finish) they were already well known before setting foot in the Disney factory; and his fame has served to catapult the movies. Angelina Jolie she is ready to be part of that group.

The 26th MCU movie, Eternals, will see the light this fall, and Angelina Jolie will be one of the voices that will participate in it. The actress will play Thena, a warrior capable of creating any weapon from cosmic energy.

Speaking to Disney’s D23 Magazine, Angelina Jolie explained what his motives were to accept the role in Eternals; and the director, the Oscar-winning Chloé Zhao, had a lot to do with the decision.

“This was the real reason I wanted to make the movie. Being part of such a diverse family, I really didn’t care about the size of the paper. What surprised me the most when joining the MCU and the working with Chloé was how down to earth she is”, He explains in the interview.

Jolie goes on to explain her first impression of the director: “The first time the cast met, I was barefoot and sitting on the floor. It was during this first meeting that I discovered that we perceive ourselves as geeks and outcasts, so that connected us all and added another layer to the story of Eternals. It was our quirks and differences that became our superpowers. Chloé is the great equalizer, although she has a huge and star-studded cast, she has treated us with the same amount of care and affection. “

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