Angelina Jolie hires her daughter Vivien as an assistant in a Broadway production.

lThe 15-year-old will be next to his mother, the producer of the musical The Outsiders, who says of her, “She’s very thoughtful and takes theater seriously.”

Angelina Jolie she has a new special assistant: her 15-year-old daughter, Vivienne Jolie Pitt. The actress will produce a new Broadway project, a musical “Losers”, and Vivienne will take part in the production as a volunteer assistant. This is his first acquaintance with the world of theater.

Shared passion for theater

In fact, both have a great passion for the stage. A Hollywood star would accompany her daughter to plays and musicals from an early age. “Viv reminds me of my mother because she’s not focused on being in the spotlight but on supporting other creative people,” mom Angelina told ET Online, who first broke the news. In her mother’s opinion, the young daughter of the arts will be busy: “She is very thoughtful and serious about the theater and works hard to better understand how to contribute.”

Musical “The Outsiders”

The Outsiders is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. S.E. Hinton and director’s film Francis Ford Coppola in 1983. The idea for the project was born after the two of them attended the world premiere of the musical in San Diego earlier this year and after meeting the author of the book. “Angelina and Vivien met with His Excellency Hinton, who was about the same age as Vivien when she wrote the novel. As a result of watching the show and talking, Angelina has decided to take on the role of lead producer for the upcoming Broadway show,” a source close to the family said.

Return to the Angelina Jolie Theater

The return to the theater has thrilled the Oscar-winning actress, according to the same source: “Angelina is very enthusiastic about this new adventure. He believes that the musical is suitable for all ages, but will especially appeal to young people. He is committed to ensuring that the team actively engages young people at every stage of the creative process, ensuring that their voices guide the creation of this Broadway production.”

Vivienne and other children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Vivienne Marcheline Jolie Pitt (pictured next to her mother on the right) and her twin brother Knox they are with their older sister shilo, the only natural children of the former couple, formed by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Born in 2008, she is officially the youngest of the clan. We have already seen her in the movies as a baby Princess Aurora V “Maleficent”when he was only 9 years old. In March 2002, Brangelina was adopted in Cambodia. Chivan Maddox. Three years later, the adoption Zahara Marleyoriginally from Ethiopia and in 2007. Pax Tien, child from Vietnam. In a word, a great tribe that Mother Angelina is very proud of.

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