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Angelina Jolie is back stronger than ever: how she has regained control of her public image after the controversial divorce of the century

Years ago, Angelina Jolie (Los Angeles, 1975) shared a lunch with Jane Goodall, the primatologist famous for her work with chimpanzees. Jolie had been involved in her humanitarian work for a long time, but
every trip I made was more frustrating than the last and, in that meeting, he confessed to Goodall his pessimism. “He knocked on the table and said,” There is always hope. ” You do not have the right to quit, because you are in a position where you can improve things. And for all those people, you do not have permission to regret bearing all the weight on your shoulders, you have to find solutions ”. The actress recalled this anecdote in an interview for the premiere of her second film as a director, Invincible. An anecdote that today, in less hopeful times, is still valid. It is difficult to find an interview in which you do not pronounce the word hope, in different forms or declensions.

Around that optimism, Jolie has built her image in recent years. And now he goes back to work asking for action. On May 7 she premieres the adrenaline thriller Those who wish my death, her first film as an actress since Frente al mar (2015) – that prophetic drama about the separation of a couple that she wrote, directed and co-starred with with her then husband – which it is not intended for children, like Maleficent. AND,
Los Eternos will hit theaters at the end of the year, a new Marvel production directed by Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) and which represents a return to action for Angelina, adjusting a narrow golden jumpsuit.

In addition, the actress celebrates 20 years of her work as an ambassador for UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, and will publish a book to help children and young people, Know your rights (and claim them)[Conoce tus derechos (y reivindícalos)], written with attorney Geraldine Van Bueren and Amnesty International. And, of course, she continues her socially-focused collaboration with beauty brands, like Guerlain. Lots of job news with a cherry on top: her next project as a director, the biopic of photojournalist Don McCullin, which she’s already working on.

The actress, in an image from her new film /


Such a tight schedule is
the best public relations strategy to redirect attention beyond your family situation. Behind wants to leave the divorce and the custody splattered again by accusations of abuse against Brad Pitt; and recover from the failure (in part caused by the pandemic) of his latest releases: Once upon a time and The Magnificent Ivan. Jolie does not want to allow others to continue taking advantage of her silence, she wants to regain control of what is said about her. A work that, strangely in Hollywood, he has always done without a publicist or agent around him. “Often times advertisers are retaining walls rather than news generators. Someone like her does not need news to be made, she is the news. And few people can have that control as she does ”, explains Álvar Carretero de la Fuente, director of Awards PR & amp; Global Publicity at Joshua Jason PR agency in Los Angeles, specializing in awards campaigns, festivals and events.

Already in 2008,
the New York Times devoted a report to how he was in charge of his “orchestrated image”. According to the article, he agreed on the prices of his children’s images, diverted the conversation in interviews to his humanitarian causes and closed the opportunities for photos, apparently stolen, directly with the paparazzi. Thus he would have managed to turn the image of a rebellious young man during his marriage with Billy Bob Thornton to that of a committed mother with Pitt. And it became one of the most beloved in the Q Score index, which measures the sympathy of the stars and is used by producers as a profitability thermometer.

“Someone like her does not need news to be generated, she is the news. And few people can have that control as she does. She is a person who knows what she wants.”

“Just because it doesn’t have a publicist doesn’t mean it’s not advised by brilliant people,” insists Carretero de la Fuente, who worked with her on The Breadwinner’s Oscar campaign, in which Jolie was an executive producer. “He is a person who knows what he wants, with great confidence in what he does, makes it very easy and has a very close team with whom he works every detail.” A team that remains faithful and loyal, away from the news. Like Mindy Nyby, who has been with her for years and has only recently appeared as a spokesperson for the actress when she changed the famous Hollywood divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, for a less media and family expert, Samantha Bley Dejean.


But Jolie is a rarity in an industry where nothing is left to chance. ”
I have never interviewed a great Hollywood star who was not surrounded by assistants or publicists … Says Gill Pringle, Los Angeles correspondent for British and Australian media like The Times. That was one of the things that surprised me the most. I knew right away that she was talking to a grown woman who was capable of handling everything herself. ” Starting with its appearance. Angelina always shows up in interviews
with little makeup, neutral, comfortable clothing, appropriate to the moment and even to the tone of the film, almost no jewelry. “She is stunning and knows the effect that her beauty has on people,” continues the English journalist. Next, he disarms his verbal and non-verbal communication, his posture before the press, his smiles and his tears. In 2014 I had the opportunity to interview her twice for Invincible, the biopic about the World War II pilot and Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini that she directed, and both times she ended up crying with a sincerity that knocks down any prejudice about her and humanizes that halo between mystery and myth that he has been cultivating since he began in the 90s.

When you are a young actress, they tell you not to get tattoos, not to cut your hair, stay like a blank canvas, “she said in 2001, in the first turn of her career, after the Oscar for Inocencia interrupted, by embodying to action hero Lara Croft. “But I couldn’t, so I said, ‘I’m going to shave my head, get tattoos in places you can’t hide, and then I’m going to work.” I wanted to have a strong, authentic personality that I felt comfortable with ”. 20 years later, so on.
Angelina has stayed out of that vanity fair from the beginning, perhaps marked by a childhood in which her father, actor Jon Voight, disappeared while her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, had to leave her acting career to raise her and her brother.

With his daughters Shiloh and Zahara /


She has always been the discordant note in Hollywood, first because of her extravagances, because in interviews she never seemed to follow a script and because, unlike Brad Pitt and as she has confessed,
he doesn’t have many friends in the industry. A fact that was clearly seen in 2016, after the announcement of the couple’s divorce: he took refuge in parties, in his other famous friends and, later, in a provocative and triumphant awards campaign with the Tarantino film. Meanwhile, she preferred short but select and in-depth interviews, silence and her role as director, producer and humanitarian ambassador to speak.

Although if there is a role that he has wanted to talk to since then, it is that of mother. The photos with their children in supermarkets and stores where any average American buys is the image that we have seen the most. Some will say that it is part of this “orchestrated image” of which it has an iron and clairvoyant control. Others that Angelina puts her children ahead. “Everyone came frequently to the set [de Érase una vez]. But they stayed in their dressing room, they went there to be with their mother, nothing more, ”says director Brenda Chapman.
“It is talking about her children, and her work with young people as an activist, that Angelina Jolie comes to life”says Edward Enningful, director of British Vogue.

A refugee camp in Myanmar /


In those interviews for Invincible, Angelina spoke of forgiveness. Can you forgive everything? Your answer may still be valid today: “It is a subject on which I have thought a lot. Could I forgive someone who has hurt me? Yes, it probably could. Someone who has hurt my children? I don’t think I could. I also believe that there are times when what has to be justice, and changes, “he reflected.

Angelina is a realistic optimist. The word hope for her is accompanied by justice so, then yes, to follow a path without pain. He is on that road. Demanding justice for his family and the whole world, calling for more action, because he cannot silence his punk spirit, and trying to keep hope. “I have to believe in her or Jane [Goodall] he will be angry with me ”.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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