Angelina Jolie made an emphasis on coloring blonde in ombre style

Jolie was spotted with slightly darker hair on the streets of New York on August 16th. Dressed all in black, the actress was just as glamorous as ever, with windblown curls falling over her shoulders and framing her face. In the photo you can appreciate how different hair colors blend into each other. Dark roots blend into caramel brown. Brown is combined with shades of honey blonde and butter blonde. In a word, her hair color is a true ombre work of art.

The chosen hairstyle with a voluminous side parting had one part of the length touching the shoulder, and the other, which fell forward, hitting the collarbone. The ends were curled inward, as if he had just made a pleat. Although most of Angelina’s hair looks bleached, especially the ends, it still looks quite healthy and silky to the touch.

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The whole ensemble – a black suit, sunglasses, well-groomed ends and slightly wavy hair with an ombre effect – make her extremely chic and like an actress in fashion. Job. She may have just been enjoying a walk around the city with her son Pax rather than attending a work meeting, but either way, her appearance on the streets of New York made us realize how this hair color is the solution to the look problem for brunettes who flirt with blondes. .

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