Angelina Jolie Opens a New York Fashion Atelier in a Former Basquiat Atelier

Angelina Jolie famous American actress, former film producer, becomes fashion designer and prefers to offer his creations in a New York studio that once belonged to the famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

creative team

Not just a new brand, but a whole creative world: Jolie actually conceived to gather a number of tailors, fashion designers and craftsmen from around the world and create a real community of talented creatives no one is famous who will be able to freely display their clothes in this way.

Where is Atelier Jolie located?

Actress Angelina Jolie opened her own fashion and art studio in Manhattan V loft at 57 Great Jones Street what was it workshop of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Here he became famous between the seventies and eighties thanks to the works created in this open space. And always here he died in 1988.

Who was Basquiat’s former tenant

Considered one of the founding fathers of neo-expressionism and graffiti An American, he turned the canons of traditional art along with the legendary Andy Warhol.

The loft was given to him by Andy Warhol. in Manhattan, where to create a creative hub.


The space where Atelier Jolie is located is very special: 600 square meters located close to art galleries such as Venus Over Manhattan and the Eric Firestone Gallery.

Great location, but not only. There is also a memorial plaque on the building. Greenwich Village Historic Preservation Society and the facade is easy to recognize by the presencea recent street art work that Angelina Jolie added her tag to.

What is the cost of rent

What was for the actress was an important investment: in fact, Basquiat’s former studio is expensive. Rent $60,000 per month.

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