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Angelina Jolie shares a letter from a young woman in Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood and one of those who has explored almost every facet that has interested her throughout her career. Although lately much of what is said about her is related to her divorce from Brad Pitt, the truth is that Jolie is much more than those gossip. It is well known that her interest as a film director is almost always focused on social or political issues, as well as the fact that she has spent years traveling the world with various associations to visualize the context of people who normally have no way to raise the voice on the injustices they suffer.

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Many have been mocked by the adoptions that the actress carried out in various parts of the world, but these people do not realize that the actress has, in fact, achieved much more. On several occasions, the protagonist of Those who wish my death – 73% have spoken about how their fame can serve to publicize the stories of those that society prefers to ignore. In addition, little by little she is moving away from acting, because she says that there are no interesting roles for women, and gives priority to the direction where she has control to be able to explore situations outside the comfort of Hollywood.

For example, Jolie spoke of the Bosnian war in In the Land of Blood and Honey – 55%, and the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers – 89%. Despite the director’s good intentions, her projects have been widely criticized because they are seen as an attempt at “white salvation”; This occurs when someone white and with privilege attends to problems that are not theirs to see themselves as a social hero. These negative comments have not stopped Jolie, and it is no surprise that right now she, like many other public figures, is on the subject of Afghanistan.

Angelina Jolie She is not known for using social media to show her life full of riches; actually, the Eternals actress keeps a low profile in that regard. Now she decided to debut on Instagram but not with a selfie, but with a letter written by a girl in Afghanistan. In the post he commented:

This is a letter that a girl in Afghanistan sent me. Right now, the people of Afghanistan are losing the ability to communicate on social media and to express themselves freely. So I have come to Instagram to share their stories and the voices of those who fight for their basic human rights on the other side of the world.

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The post continues:

I was on the Afghanistan border two weeks before 9/11, where I met Afghan refugees who had escaped from the Taliban. This was twenty years ago.

It is sick to see Afghans being displaced once again by the fear and uncertainty that has set in their country.

Jolie highlights that she has dealt with refugees on several occasions and finds it sad that her life is only about how to escape this violence instead of having the opportunity to develop in an environment of peace, where they are not seen as a burden or have to fight. for your life and that of your loved ones all the time. In particular, it highlights the women and girls that it has met along the way and who long for education to the point of fighting for access to it.

Part of the letter written by this young woman explains her feelings:

We had rights, we could fight for our rights freely, but when they arrived, we were all afraid of them, and we believe that all our dreams are gone.

In the same text, the girl assures that she does not believe that the Taliban changed their perception of women, and that, although in recent statements they assure that they have changed their position, the group is known for stoning and raping women for simple reasons , as well as taking away the options of work, education and personal relationships. To finish her post, Jolie assured that she is committed to the cause to help refugees, especially women and girls. In the same way, he made an invitation not to turn his back on the situation and do something about it; to join her in helping.

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