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Angelina Jolie, special guest at Salma Hayek’s birthday, who teaches her how to do ‘the bite’ in a video that has gone viral

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This Thursday, Salma Hayek turned 55 and posed splendidly in a bathing suit. “Ready for new adventures,” said the actress. The next day, he organized a birthday party with very close family and friends, including Angelina Jolie, who has a very close relationship with Salma. The best moment of the night occurred when the Mexican had to blow out the candles. Then, all the assistants began to shout: –Bite bite. Faced with the pressure of her guests, the Mexican could not resist and stamped her face on the cake to the laughter and laughter of Brad Pitt’s ex-wife. This is taking a bite! Salma yelled. Hit play and don’t miss the hilarious video that, within hours of publishing it, already exceeded 3 million views.

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