Angelina Jolie supported victims of abuse

The actress, who is in the United States, visited the White House to meet with lawmakers working against the new gender laws.

As a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, the humanitarian woman met with elite gymnasts who knew how to testify against doctor Larry Nassar for a trial. The causes are constituted by sexual abuse, and the man was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2018. Thus, the activist listened to the testimonies to be able to draft bills and work plans to deepen the tasks in these edges.

It is worth mentioning that this man was sentenced to 175 years and the complainants were 150 women, adolescents and girls.

On the other hand, they also denounced the Paralympic committee because they were aware of the situation in the two decades that occurred and no one detained or questioned the person responsible. That is, Maroney, Raisman, Nichols and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles alleged that the FBI did not respond to their complaints and put false statements in the official report.

Faced with the situation, Angelina warned: “I had the honor of meeting with some of the brave American gymnasts who appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. I am in awe of their courage and commitment to preventing future abuse investigation failures over 100 victims could have escaped the abuse. “

“All we needed was an adult to do the right thing. I send them all my support and respect, since they are all reliving this trauma so that there can be reforms in the system, ”concluded the rights defender.


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