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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up with their partner five years ago and with it that acronym that was created with their two names, Brangelina, which portrayed their union but also the power of the couple in Hollywood and their power as a brand. After the separation, conflicts came in a long divorce process in which his six children were the main axis of his disagreements, and the actor’s problems with alcohol came to light and how they affected his family life.

Neither have speculated on their private lives, but their lawsuits and counterclaims have been echoed in the media and the court battle still continues over custody of the five youngest children, since the oldest, Maddox, has 19 years and can decide for himself the relationship he wants to maintain with his parents. Pitt claims joint custody and Jolie alleges that her ex-husband is not prepared to take care of their children, among other things because of the alcohol addiction that the actor himself spoke about for the first time in 2017 in GQ magazine and about which he later deepened. in other interviews.

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Angelina Jolie has been even more cautious than her ex-husband when it comes to talking about her personal relationship or the one they have with their children, which is why any statement from her in this regard sounds exclusive and is replicated in all media. This is the case of the statements he has made recently for the latest issue of the British edition of the magazine Vogue, where in addition to his words there is a rather unusual photo session made at his home and in the company of his children. In the meeting with the British media, the actress, who is 45 years old, answers with a laconic “I don’t know” when asked if she is living a happy time. “The last few years have been pretty tough. I have focused on healing our family. It is recovering little by little, like ice when it melts and the blood is returning to my body ”, he explains.

For now, it is Jolie who has custody of her children Pax, Zahara, John and the twins Knox and Vivienne and they all live in a mansion in Los Angeles that, as the actress details, is “only five minutes from their father.” . Maddox, the first-born, is back home because of the pandemic, since in September 2019 the young man had moved to the Yonsei University campus in Seoul, South Korea, to begin his university studies in Biochemistry. . The boy, whom Jolie adopted in 2002 in an orphanage in Cambodia and who was also adopted by Pitt in 2006 when the couple began their relationship, has always been pointed out as the final trigger for the couple’s separation since the most repeated version , and that has not been denied, centers the conflict in the heated discussion that took place inside a private plane between him and his father.

In the interview given now, Angelina Jolie explains that she likes to get older. “I feel much more comfortable at 40 than when I was younger. Maybe because my mother didn’t live long, so getting older feels like a victory rather than a sadness in my case, ”she reflects. She lives focused on her children and fights for them to continue by her side, but she is also capable of joking about the vision they have of her compared to that of her fans: “One day I was an action star,” she says in reference to her role of Lara Croft, “and now my children are telling me to get off the swing because I can hurt myself.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when they were still a couple, accompanied by their six children at an airport.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when they were still a couple, accompanied by their six children at an airport. cordonpress

In the images that accompany the interview you can see unusual family moments so far. In one of them, in black and white, Jolie cuts Maddox’s hair at home and in another she is sitting at the table with Zahara, Vivienne and Knox. And the actress expands more than ever about her abilities as a mother: “I’ve never been very good at being still. I wanted to have many children and be a mother but I always imagined him as Jane Goodall, traveling in the middle of the jungle somewhere, “Jolie explains to the magazine. And she adds that she never imagined her role as a mother in the traditional sense. “I feel like I lack all the skills to be a traditional homemaker,” she says.

Somehow she is able to be ironic about her role and says she is overcoming her deficiencies because “the children are quite resistant and they are helping me.” “I love them,” he adds, “I feel like we are a team. It may seem like a cliché, but when you love you try and even if you burn the eggs, it ends up not caring. ” She insists that her children know what is really important in their relationship: “Even at their young age they know that what matters is feeling safe, loved and stable. Know your own mind and your truth and not live in a lie ”.

He also confesses that he loved it when his children were babies, but now he loves sitting with them at night and being able to carry on a conversation. A family life that sums up like this: “I like the teenage years, I like them when they get older, I love hanging out with them.”


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