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Angelina Jolie was caught outside a hospital with her daughters

Some days ago Angelina Jolie He went to the Burbank hospital, located in California where it is said that he spent six hours and everything seems to indicate that it was one of the visits of the activist for human rights, although the specific reason why the actress came to the hospital has not yet been revealed.

What we do know is that in the middle of her journey, Angelina Jolie received a visit from her three daughters, Shiloh, 15, Zahara, 16, and Vivienne, 13, all of whom gave her mother tender hugs, this outside of the hospital, which gave us tender images of the Jolie-Pitt family.

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In the photographs we could see the protagonist of Maleficent Wearing a light brown wool coat, in addition, she accompanied him with black capri pants and discreet jewelry, as well as her black mask, while her daughters looked a little more casual, like any girl her age.

On the one hand we saw Shiloh and Vivienne wearing matching black and white sweatshirts, one with shorts and one with long sweatpants, while Zahara He opted for a slightly more formal style but without neglecting the joviality that characterizes him at 16 years of age.

So Angelina Jolie interrupted her visit to the hospital to be filled with hugs and pampering from her daughters, which undoubtedly gave very tender images, this happened on August 20, a fact that was quickly forgotten because a few hours later the hollywood actress opened his account on Instagram.

And it is that the actress who gives life to Lara Croft on tomb Raider She had stayed away from social media until now when she decided that the problem in Afghanistan was a good time to open her Instagram account and use the platform as a megaphone to expose the injustices that Afghan girls and women are experiencing.

And his success has been such, he already accumulates more than nine million followers in just four days and two publications, both of which expose the human rights violations that the Taliban are carrying out in Afghanistan, which, he pointed out. Angelina JolieIt is very sad that Afghans are being displaced out of fear again.

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Angelina beats Jennifer Aniston

With the opening of her Instagram account Angelina Jolie managed to gather many followers in a matter of a few hours with what she managed to surpass Jennifer Aniston who when she opened her account reached one million followers in about five hours.

This record had already been surpassed by the actor of the Harry Potter saga, Rupert Grint recently, but now it is Angelina Jolie the one that is crowned with the title of more followers in a few hours, so without a doubt its messages have been heard in many parts of the world.

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