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Angelina Jolie’s disappointment when Brad Pitt worked with Harvey Weinstein

The latest statements from Angelina Jolie in the newspaper The Guardian they keep running rivers of ink. The protagonist of titles like Eternals, Maleficent and Lara Croft Not only has she made one of the harshest confessions about her divorce from Brad Pitt, but she has openly shown her disappointment with her once-husband for her collaboration with Harvey weinstein after having told him that he had lived a terrible experience with the former Hollywood producer, sentenced to 23 years for rape and sexual assault.


The Oscar-winning actress of Interrupted innocence worked with the reviled producer when he was 21 in the movie Playing with the heart and was the victim of an alleged episode of harassment. “It was much more than a flirtation, it was something I had to escape from. If you can escape the room, you think he tried but failed, right? But the truth is that the attempt and the experience of the attempt are already an aggression “, The actress has said without wanting to go into details about the alleged assault. “I stayed away from him and warned people about him. I remember I told Jonny (Lee Miller), my first husband, who was great about it, spread the word with other guys: don’t let the girls go alone with him, “he adds.

‘Of course it hurt’

“They asked me to do ‘The Aviator’, but I said no because he was involved. I never associated or worked with him again. It was hard for me when Brad did it “. In 2009 Pitt starred in Damn bastardsby Quentin Tarantino, co-produced by Weinstein Company. And in 2012 contacted Weinstein to produce the film Kill them softly, which was later distributed by the Weinstein Company. In doing so, Jolie felt that she was underestimating the sexual assault she had suffered. “We argue about it. Of course it hurt me ”Jolie confessed about Pitt not having a problem working with Weinstein, despite what happened.


After the statements of Angelina Jolie and while Brad Pitt continues in silence, Harvey Weinstein has denied through his agent that such a suggestion occurred. “It’s very clear to me that this is to drive more sales on Angie’s book. It never happened. It’s blatantly false and misleading advertising.”

The Harvey Weinstein case was opened in March 2015, when an Italian model, Ambra Battilana, reported to the NYPD that the movie mogul had touched him inappropriately. The next day he recorded him apologizing for what happened, but despite this the process did not go ahead. We had to wait two more years, until October 2017 specifically, so that the newspaper New York Times publish an investigation detailing similar incidents that had occurred since 1990. The actress of Haunted, Alyssa Milano, was one of those who first coined the term #MeToo by asking his followers to reply with that hashtag if they had also been victims of some type of sexual harassment or abuse and their name became trending topic. In March 2018, the New York Supreme Court judge ruled that the film producer would have to serve a 23-year prison sentence for the crimes of third-degree rape and sexual assault.

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