Angelina Jolie’s magic formula: achieving perfection has never been so easy

Angelina Jolie it’s just an ethereal creature. Grace, class, what would we define perfection if only it hadn’t been hammered into our heads that it doesn’t exist (and instead you want to see that yes, it exists and lives in Hollywood…) they flow in his blood, they make up the building blocks of his DNA, they flow from every pores.

And not only and not so much when we admire her, dressed like a goddess, with the most famous brands, in excellent couture creations on the most prestigious red carpets, which, one might say, is too easy a game for a “celebrity”. professional like her.

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Angelina Jolie is an example of a style that is critical of criticism and personal taste, especially when he wears his exquisite casual clothes, when he accompanies one of the many children to some lessons, when he goes for a walk or goes shopping – a bit like us people , but much better than us – when she jumps from one platform to another, when she gets out or gets out of the car, and photographers stand nearby, ready to catch her with their lenses, but perfectly understanding how much their mission impossible.

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It’s in simplicity – but in the authentic and radical, in what is not only declared but also practiced, in what is not afraid of anonymity, but rather subtly reassures it – that the actress, director and goddess knows how to give us the best of her style.

raincoats light and wrinkled, in the colors that trench coats should be. bags without a logo (or with a barely visible logo), in the same range colors/not colors neutral and painless. White, cream, black, anthracite in a delightful symphony. In fact, there is no logo anywhere. Clothing that does not pull, does not cut, does not wrap, does not allow portholes, bows, draperies and cotillions different. No sculpted heels. Indeed, no heels, if not for the neckline without edging for the head, which is the paradigm of the most classic necklines. Everything that can be worn with everything without conflict in this wardrobe that plays in unison with a gentle and light melody. Diva glasses, good thing they do. And it would be too.

Here, summer after summer is the season that style connoisseurs most fear, because it is easy to be chic with a camel coat, but try to be even presentable when sweat trickles down your neck – Angelina is getting more and more superhumanin naturalness – not obvious – with which he conveys his words to us lectio-magistralis style downplay. What we can also try to imitateand perhaps we should even make an effort to do so.

However, with the firm consciousness that we should not feel empowered to believe it even for a second…

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