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Angelina Jolie’s triumphant return? – For you

The actress could play the role again in her third installment.

The two films of “Maleficent” were a success especially for the magnificent interpretation of Angelina Jolie as the dreaded villain of the Disney classic, “Sleeping Beauty.” Today, the interpreter prepares to re-embody the character.

“Maleficent 3”, which does not yet have a defined name, it’s an open secret two years agoHowever, it is only now that the producers have confirmed the implementation of the project. The only thing that is known is that the film will go through, in part, the character’s adolescence, which is why Jolie was not believed to be part of the cast.

A premiere to wait for

The bad news for fans is that the film would not be released until 2024 or 2025 inclusive., but surely you will be able to access exclusive previews to alleviate anxiety.

It is expected that Linda Woolverton is in charge of the story, as in the previous films, although many in the networks have already demanded that another person take the reins to make the story look like in the first installment and not sink it as in the second.

Most important of all, Angelina Jolie will once again dress as a villain.

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